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Sosa Star:
Oddly noone has mentioned that it's Scorpion,not SubZero who pulls the spines out. Excellent work as always. LLR makes me smile and giggle in ways that make my parents confused and that's a good thing

Uhm, no, that's sub-zero.

Those nutjobs at Screwattack even made a top 10 last week.

Scorpion copied it later in one of the 3d games I believe.

kirby vs mario would have been a good fight

Can we get some of those posters uploaded as images? I'd love to have them as a desktop background!

Videogame Fighting Tournament

Underground super-fighting tournaments have super-competition.

Watch Video

Actually John, If you're looking for fighters, I might to get a Newgrounds All-Star or 2 to show up. Pico VS. Hank.

First time ever I heard Graham drop an F bomb !

For me, this was the best one in a long time.
No, scratch that, best one yet.
Great concept, awesome delivery, love it.

You just brought the small tiny fighting game nerd in me.

bog standard injokes here guys nothing too new or intersting, and If you're going to have ads before videos now guys could you at least not make them a buggy mess? I had to reload the video 3 times before I could play it!

I'll admit, I LOL'ed. I would DEFINITLY pay to see a match for Sektor vs. Yoshimitsu. That would make my year!

Do you guys still have those posters? Ever think of having a LRR contest where you give away special props like those posters as prizes?

So I finally watch the one I missed when I was on vacation, and there's a C64 Bruce Lee reference! I'd almost forgotten that game. Thanks guys!

Wow. Graham REALLY gets into his roles. You can actually see him sweating.

Goro. Vs. Nightmare.


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