Rebecca Mayes Muses: Crackdown 2

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If I look at these videos from a musical standpoint - they're bland and uninspiring, with little melody and only a passing voice.
If I consider them game reviews - well, they don't even really do that.
Really, the only reason this exists is because someone saw a niche to fill that certain gamers would lap up - just make a bunch of toneless songs and throw in video game related lyrics.

I guess this just goes to show that as long as you're a female and better than average looking you can put on some spandex and not say anything new, and still the internet hordes will lap it up and grovel at your feet. Oh well.

She makes a good point in the first few second. To many companys are just remaking the same game and adding 2 at the end. L4D2, CrackDown 2, and do not get me started how many times nintendo has remade the same zelda/mario for different concles. Back in the golden age of gaming. There was something called quantity over quality. Now companys are just making mass quality of garbage. I find my self buying from small unheard of companys cause they do not have the money to mass produce garbage. On top of it. Their games are usally alot cheaper. Anywhere from 20 - 40 dollars cheaper. Which is nice cause they are alot better then most games big company come out with. I find my self renting/torenting big name games cause they are crap. That right I said torent. Sames me so much money on games I have not even finish cause they where just that bad. Maybe if the mass brainless population would stop buying the 90% - 95% of bad games. Game quantity would go up way way way up. Then again that about as realistic as people learning how to walk on water and rez the dead. I blame the mass ammount of imbreading and lack of good parents.

I'm confused. You seem to (and I could be wrong) have confused the meanings of quantity and quality.

Quantity is about numbers. Quality is about (at least in the context you seem to be using) how good/enjoyable a game is.

Good song, Rebecca finally back on track, getting there, not quite yet, but soon.

But that beat reminds me of something other, really strongly and I can't quite figure what it is, something from Tricky or Massive Attack or maybe something completly diffrent. I might actually listen to that song for a second time. Yep, I'll go and do that now.

Edit: done. Still nothing, my memory is like a range rover, excellent but sometimes it gives up on me without any visible reason.

I feel a little as though that song lacked something of your usual melodiousness. I cannot say this was my favourite song. Though I as always, am looking forward to the next invention!

Where have you been miss Mayes? We missed you and your segment here. My week feels less complete if i don't listen to a musical reveiw of something.

Anyway i liked the video (and the jacket) kinda sounded like the backing track to a tom waits song, you know without the paint-sripping but awesome vocals over the top. Very home made jazz.

I like the song too, but since when did Tom Waits sound like the theme to the Powerpuff Girls?


Is she now every 4 weeks?

You are confused. I am saying companys are not carring about how bad their games are. Cause they know people will buy them. The quantity over quality comment means companys like EA will make 100 bad games a year with no good games. Games companys are mass producting crap. You must have misses read OVER for AND. You know OVER as it on top of. It like tanks in WW2. Germany did quality over quantity and the US/England did quantity over quality. ((Tiger tanks vs Shermans.)) Game companies used to make Tiger games. Now they are only making Shermans.

Does this help you understand what I am saying?

Hopefully you don't read this and soon an new song's topic will wash away this from your eager eyes. I just downloaded your first album (for a prize) and enjoyed trough your airey(?) trip again. Woww, and woww again. I really love these, so rich and meaningful. However I dont listen to the lyrics too much ... the sound is enough for me. You don't play my kinda games anyway, so that doesn't concern me. The thing why i wrote thet I miss your new song Miss Mayes from the dark mountains of Kárpáts. They usually make my day, and the videos (sometimes seems a bit rushed) I appriciate the talent of yours. Thank you for the music.

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