Unskippable Let's Play - Legaia 2

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"It's a rock!"


Careful, he might escape the **** out of you.

Kill him quickly!

That plant is going to end up in one of my stranger dreams...believe me..

Have you guys ever thought about doing movies?

You guys know a pedohile literally translates as a lover of walking right?

He probably has an awesome item

That's no rock! It's a space station!

Do you ever think you will run out of episode ideas?

Lots of random battles or Quick Time Events?

That plant is, indeed, a master of escape.

can you show the difference of damage between "mountain crusher" and "sandstorm"

Paul, did you think that Frog was awesome as well?

guys, if you ever do another live show, do Digimon world one, that would be funny as hell!

and i think you have to chase lyps...just a thought

Can we see some more combos? It's the only thing keeping my vauge interest.

When you're going through a cutscene set for a regular Unskippable episode, does one of you always hold the controller, or is it a shared effort, or what?

Man. Save points belong right next to quicktime events on the list of Video Game Tropes That Need To Die Already.

Its a goron!


She is gonna school you

What on earth? That was scary!

I think the monkey is female

Did that monkey just hit on me? o.0

i think the monkey likes you...

What the hell. Is that monkey a homosexual? That was a weird challenge.

Bigfoot just did a "come hither" look and accidentally all the AP... and left some mental scarring...

There is like 2000 people watching which one of you will need a bathroom brake first

your being molested by a feminine bigfoot... how do you feel?



how would you guys feel if your lets play got retsupuraed

hugged to death..... huh.... weird.

Game OVER!

Good try lads. Pleasure watching you :P

Well, that was quite an interesting adventure. I hope to hear more from you guys with stuff like this.

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