Unskippable Let's Play - Legaia 2

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Would you ever do a "good" game? Knowing that this differs for everyone, but something that's actually playable would be enjoyable to watch. Even the best games have funny moments to mock.

What game are you guys looking foward to?

The Bionic Commando was awesome because of the arm jokes, we need more arm jokes! :D

Are there any plans on some kind of schedule for these let's plays?

what gave you the idea of...Unskippable?

You should do this with FF: Mystic Quest

Because it's woeful and I'm sure you could make the agony of playing it seem like fun.

What's your favorite Running Gag from Unskippable?

By the way, keep doing these. It was AWESOME.

i'm in victoria....aus :D

what gave you the idea of...Unskippable?

edit: oops double post

Why all the hate on Eternal Sonata? After so long you still make fun of Tenuto!? What's the deal? D=

Lets play morrowind?

what is the best JRPG you have played? and how did you choose this game to mock

Do a lot of game openings disappoint you?

Also: Did you steal that fireplace or make it yourself like real manly male Canadian bear-fighting males?

It's awesome.

Although it bears a resemblance to rock gollem's arm.


will you play legaia 1

Do you guys ever plan on doing another Unskippable - Zero Punctuation crossover?

Would you ever give the "Unskippable Treatment" to any other media? Trailers, Scenes from movies etc. That's not counting the LRR ones you've already done

Thanks to you guys, I lost the afternoon at work! It was fun though.

Awww that's kinda sad : (. I've had consoles sicne i could game.

Have you guys thought about doing movies?

Are you guys thinking of doing a co-op let's play?

Do a lets play fallout new vegas

Do you think the 3DS is awesome?

Edit: Let's Play was awesome, make more

Did.... did he mention stalker?

What was you favorite MMO if you have one?

Will you ever Unskippable'e (?) Cooking Mama? :D

Do you have any games in mind for lets play if there will be another one?

Is there any specific length of game you'll be looking for for future let's plays?

paul. regrow your beard for desert bus. i'll pay $50 aus to see how long you can grow it. and someone will probably pay to shave it.

loved it!
please do make another one :)

Paul, didn't you have three PS3's? :P

I would prefer Saturday. I'm usually working on Mondays :p

Do you guys ever plan on doing another Unskippable - Zero Punctuation crossover?

they already did that. see Unskippable's Star Ocean and ZP's X-blades/Halo Wars.

If you do more LP's in the future, could I ask that you at least glance at the chat thread, seeing as how it's a bit more instant?

You guys made my afternoon great. I hope there's more in the future!

Good stuff today! Like the time of day and the length (although I wanted to see that monkey go down! err...). More please!

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