Zero Punctuation: Mafia II

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Good one, as usual. And the ending joke was good. I like it when you put an extra funny joke at the ending.

Even with the YZ review, I still would like to play the game, it's just that the people within a mafia-family intruige me so much and...-

Looks like nobody has caught the Monty Python reference at about 1:50 yet.

The ending of this video legitimately surprised me (and amused me too, natch).

Nice review, I too was disappointed by the lack of actual sandbox elements, and the story was a bit too predictable.

I wonder if you're going to do Amnesia: The Dark Descent next. This isn't really a request, but the promise of a legitimate survival horror game to play seems too good not to jump on, and it would be fun to hear what you think of it.

Onyx Oblivion:
Is it odd that my favorite part of an open world game is driving around listening to the radio?

Even in Saint's Row 2, I find that the most entertaining part of the game...

It's not a shame, I also like driving in Mafia II (those cars and tuning option... but it's a pity that there's no "racing missons" in this game), however lot of gamers don't like "do a mission - driving sequence (usually to the opposite side of a map) - do another mission" thing and I understand them. It's all about players taste, not everyone has the same.

BTW. I have only 2 things against this game. First, it's to short (just 15 short chapters, minus driving sequences), second, it should has more sand-box style (there're NO side missions and also you're ALWAYS "led by the hand"). After that, it's a great game... of course not as good as Saint's Row 2, but hey, it's my taste :-)

I didn't mind the driving n' music bits (awesome cars, awesome music (awesome bit where drunk friends SING ALONG to aforesaid awesome music))

I DID mind the ending, however, and I'd agree with ZP there.

All in all, quite an accurate review, if typically OTT

Kind-of expected it, but I'm surprised he didn't complain about some silly things that really would've spiced the game up if they weren't cut out, pretty much every one of them shown in this parody video:

But yeah it would've been nice if the game would embrace it's open nature a bit more. Give us as much to do we could do in Red Dead Redemption, but then mafia style! Maybe something for Mafia 3.

We'll there is this DLC allready witch is basicaly the freeride mode from the first game. only with a different guy and more missions to go on. Must've seemed like a good idea to sell that Sandbox seperately.

As for the game, I liked it a lot, even with the predictable plot and unsatisactory ending. I guess its the atmosphere of this game that I missed since I played Mafia (one that is). One thing that was a major pain in the ass for me was the handeling of the cars, at least in the PC version. there no option between pedal to the metal and driving like Joes grandmother...

Stream's busted.

200, Stream not found, NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound, clip: '[Clip] '''

Is anyone else getting "not found" errors when trying to watch the video? I've been refreshing for 10 minutes and nothing...

This is the first time I've seen this happen.

EDIT: ^^^^ I guess that answers that.

Stream's busted.

200, Stream not found, NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound, clip: '[Clip] '''

same here, guess it's a waiting issue.

Is anyone else getting "not found" errors when trying to watch the video? I've been refreshing for 10 minutes and nothing...

This is the first time I've seen this happen.

Happening on my end too.

Damn video isn't loading for me. Thats it,I'm going to kill myself...

Happening to me too.

Oooooh, I hate it when I can't watch ZP on a Wednesday morning!

...get it fixed; this is an outrage!!!

It would be funny if some noob tech accidentally deleted the master copy of the review, and no one gets to see it ever again.

WTF fix your shit, escapist!

Good giggle...And, I liked the near Niko Bellic reference XD

getting a missing stream error. any fix?

This also happened a few days ago for me with the Wolfenstein review. Perhaps the Escapist is saving on server costs by unplugging them some of the time..?

getting a missing stream error. any fix?

okay so it's not just me getting the error. Good to know.

I tried on all the videos they posted today but it's a no go. Hopefully they get it fixed soon.

Man i was looking forward to this!
Thanks ! :)

Oh wait, I get it. Yahtzee is saying Mafia II is a broken piece of shit and should not be played, hence the broken and unplayable link.

Very abstract but I dig it. Great review as always, Yahtz!

Ahh the background for the thumbnail is BLUE, not yellow.. EVERYBODY PANIC

It's alive now, go and watch if you haven't.

Oh wait, I get it. Yahtzee is saying Mafia II is a broken piece of shit and should not be played, hence the broken and unplayable link.

Very abstract but I dig it. Great review as always, Yahtz!

nope. either someone spilled coffee on the servers or 4chan is messing with us again by DOS'ing our them.

hmm, odd does the video just cut-...

Hurr hurr

damn i wanted to make that joke


the sand box isnt a sand box its a city with nothing to do but steal cars and shoot people

Seriously? As in... That's it? No mini-games, no stunt jumps, no side-missions?

nope... all you got is your main story line and the ability to drive .... thats it.
you can steal cars and smash them in the junk yard for cash or rob stores, either way you probably get the police on you and then its an annoying situation where you either kill every one that sees you or drive away and have the cops on your tail then you need to go through the trouble of changing clothes again and again so police doesn't suspect you. there's like one ramp in the whole city where you can jump it but doesn't give you anything. that's all you do ... for hours drive back and forth between your house and the next job.

I think it should be mentioned that there are not just white people in the game. There are also black people who you only ever see shooting at you, getting beaten up by you, beating you up, buying drugs from you, or getting "comically" shot in the face for being too uppity.

I get that people could see there being some racism against Irish or even Italian people, but they basically have a respectable amount of power and come into these fights eyes open. The black people get shot or beaten up whether they attack you or not if they come up in the storyline, and the best they get off is buying heroin from you in a cutscene.

Racism is a pretty amazing force, isn't it?

with some points i agree.. but i thought the missions were good, and the story was awesome and very immersive..

But looses some points in the fact that there is almost none sidemissions and other crazy stuff to do.. Like in Saints Row 2..
And there is a lack of free roam unless you do it in a mission.. But as far as i've read, the Jimmy's vendetta DLC takes care of some of those points..

Awesome way to end the video.

Nice review as either never gonna get bored of ZP

Onyx Oblivion:

It seems that Yahtzee has run afoul of Candleja

You're doing it wrong!

You have to completely utter Candlejack before you can cut out adru

Does it really matte

I've been waiting for this review for a long time because I suspected that Yahtzee would find its atmosphere to be rather impressive. That's what I thought before I played the demo, anyway. After that, I didn't think that this would be a "brilliant game" and was just waiting for a funny review. That is what I got. :)

Jedi Sasquatch:

I'm still perched on the fence about whether to buy this one or not, and this review hasnt really helped me to jump to either side.

Yeah, I know what you mean. Sometimes Yahtzee tends to miss the good aspects of games.

You watch zp to decide if you buy a game? I just watch it for fun and fun it was^^ Otherwise you end up with maybe 3 games in 5 years, excellent games at least.

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