Escape to the Movies: The Social Network

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Im curious about this movie now lol

I love movie bob's diction and pacing. Luckily I can also recognize that this does not mean he and I will have the same taste in movies. This movie, is at best, something I will put in my collection because it is an example of good film making. I will not, however, be watching it anytime soon - my distaste for facebook still being somewhat salient.

A lot of these comments are really annoying. Do you have no sense of what art is? It's not any work that fits your biases and prejudices and its quality doesn't decrease because it's "the result of deep-seating reprehensible social values." Art is largely subjective but there is definitely an objective quality to it, and what a large portion of humanity (the part that can watch movies at all anyway) is saying is that this is objectively good. What's worse is that some people are saying, "I hate Zuckerburg and this just makes him a hero so I will never see the movie" and others are saying "I think they intentionally portrayed Zuckerburg in an overly negative light so I will never see the movie." If two people agree but with exact opposite reasonings, their conclusion is likely wrong. As a writer, it's just so annoying when people ignore something good for, well any reason. If there is something you dislike (or think you do, since you haven't actually frickin seen it) about the core values/ideas behind it, that might be even more reason to pay attention. If you really think its a problem, ignoring only lets it get worse, and studying it is the best you can do.

Shorter version: There is no justification, none at all, for ignoring a quality piece of art. Ever. Unless you're in a coma.

Just saw The Social Network, pretty damn awesome.


Never had any intention of watching, look really f'ng boring, like that crappy movie with the MIT kids, 21.

The problem is....real life sucks. The words "Based on a True Story" almost guarantees the movie will be shitty, because real life is boring. And therefore movies ABOUT real life are boring.

you know most World War II movies are based on true story's too, and are those boring? NO

Just got back from seeing it. This film is a damn masterpiece. Every moment is riveting and so well conceived that those 2 hours will FLY by. I mean it, you won't want to miss a single moment of this movie. I DESPISE Facebook, but I loved this movie, because it's powerful, and is full of human emotion. It's dramatised, sure, but it refrains from just being a commercial for Facebook, because it hardly ever refers to it, and when it does, it's simply the coding behind the website. It's about the arduous process of its creation, not about how seemingly important it is. It doesn't even make you want to use it. It's pushed aside for superb acting and rich dialogue. I don't care if you hate Facebook, SEE THIS MOVIE. If you hate it afterwards, then fine, but this movie deserves a chance.


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