Game Dogs: The Hand of Fate

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Unforgotten Realms was much more funny when it was done by one guy on Newgrounds and when it only had half a dozen episodes.

Yeah the show just didn't have funny jokes, and the backwards and forwards when they talk was so distracting I couldn't watch most of them.

Just glad this POS series is over. Heck, I called its death along time ago and I was right. Too bad there wasn't a pool going. I would have made a few bucks. It was ok at first, but the who last ep was just out right crap. Bad story telling, bad attempt at humor, etc. I hope they never do this kinda crap again. It might have been ok had there not been gore and that hanging thing at the end. There was a lot better way to do that. Look at the knife selling ep, I happen to have liked that one.

Anyways, glad its gone, wish they delete the whole crappy series. Perhaps fire the writers before they infect any other series or a good series that might come by in the future.

Heck, hire me. I can come up with better writing drunk and popping Vicodin.

This post is prolly going to be deleted anyways being the creators can't take a negative comment so w/e.

*sniff* I have to say, while this show may never have been perfect or even great in most people's was well worthwhile in my opinion, and I've missed watching it. Tough to believe you'd put all that effort into something for so many months and then simply ditch it like that...seriously. I knew it was all in vain to hope for more; the creators' enthusiasm and vision had clearly died by that point, and that final "Halloween" episode was kind of a cheap "shock tactic" that I guess tried to make the whole bloody thing go out with a bang, but really just threw away a lot of potentially awesome material and characters. *SIIIIGH* I honestly do miss them, and what they could've been. You don't often see something like this, and it actually was worth watching. Oh, well...

I remember when they were doing the hands of fate game, Rodger was in the lead by a long way. I was actually really suprised by the entire first bit of the episode, until I saw the end after the credits.
I just decided this week to watch the second season, and catch up on what I missed. I have to say, this was dark. I mean, from what I remember from the first season, it was a pretty interesting and funny show. Then Bob went crazy, the Russians started selling knifes, Chet and Rodger slaughtered everyone at Bethany's wedding. Now this happens. At least now I know why I haven't seen any new episodes of Game Dogs, but this was a very grim way to end it.
On a side note, I really do not understand why Rodger killed himself. Throughout the series, he seemed to be a cool guy. Sure, he was stuck with all of the codes and forced to work long hours, but he did not seem depressed. I think that ending was almost worse that Bob beating Beth to death in the back of his car.


the music was awfull, didn't fit the show at all

this last episode shows that voting causes brain damage and the people have no taste...

still i was like wtf beth randomly walking in the road??!

seriously some people need help STAT...

So when is this starting up again? I've been waiting forever for season 3!


This is the only episode I watched of this series, and I have to say that, despite the gore, this was probably the first time I actually laughed out loud in real life at anything this site had in years. Casting violence in such a mundane light while juxtaposed against comedy is something I would expect from Metalocalypse, a show I like. I am actually not a violent person at all, but this episode got the formula right. I know that this show is dead, but this was a hell of an episode. It shows that something good might actually be produced if the authors are not constrained by the fear of offending someone.

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