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Its not surprising that Nintendo reported a loss finally- it's only a matter of time before a company that almost utterly ostracizes the core audience to capitalize on a buyer base that fundamentally has never stuck around for a while. It helped kill the Atari. It'll kill Nintendo if they don't figure that part out.

First off, oh Sweet Gods the hair!!! I know Kathleen mention getting her's cut on her twitter but Graham never said anything about getting his done

Now that its out of my system get show this week guys // Love the 'what if' portion of the show // Killer silver suits


Actually you guys (at ENN) seem to have missed the article The Escapist ran where Blizzard was reported as claiming it would have taken them over a decade to release Starcraft 2 as a full game with all three factions.

2012 is actually pretty quick, I mean what are they going to do with the other 8 years?

Was a fun episode. I also liked the Nintendo representative.

Lady Kathleen:
Please note I'm not a lesbian. Lesbians are awesome (at least all the ones I know), but I like boys.

Dear Kathleen,

Have you tried 'Men'?
I think you'll find the upgrade to your liking.

I'm willing to offer my assistance in this regard.

' )

(juuuuust kiddin' Graham!)


(juuuuust kiddin' Graham!)

Or *AM* I????


I had to watch it again, just for the Creed joke, creed jokes are always funny!

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