Trailers: L.A. Noire

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Ugh the graphics are so bad...

say what?

voice acting is stellar even though the graphics resemble the PS2, the setting and atmosphere looks amazing and this whole thing looks overall like an awesome game! can't wait to see what it can do.

Looking forward to a Rockstar game that isn't just stealing cars and punching hookers.

Not looking forward to more in-video Fable III ads...

I hope this is made available for PC.

Heh, I suppose that leaves me the only one who looked through that entire thing, instintively and primarily reacting to the facial animation being very stiff and emotionless.
I was trully surprised to read that they used performance capture.
Of course; how captured data is transferred to output matters and real expressions can be quite subtle - both perhaps too subtle for any models, skins, texture effects and skeletons used, to not get drowned in quantization and perhaps too subtle for the expectations of a viewer who might have become too desensitized to notice anything short of a charicature.

Geese, I've ran the idea of a Noir themed video game over and over; it just can't be done right. You can't really play out what makes Noir media good in a game. There is always a lack of control. The game could be good, but I'm betting it won't ring of the fond memories I have of the Maltese Falcon.

A Rockstar sandbox game (I assume it's a sandbox game) where you play a good guy?

I'm legitimately shocked.

Ugh the graphics are so bad...

Yeah and the main character looks so bland at times.

Casual Shinji:
Very LA Confidential.

They even have an Irish chief of police. "Any valediction, boyo?"

I was just thinking that. For me it was the design of the interview room.

Very nice faces - though still not out of Uncanny Valley!

wooot! team bondi! horay for aussie game devs :D

It looks very classic and noir.
I like that. I like that a lot.

I watched a couple of old Bogart movies not too long ago and I like the authentic look and sound of this.

Very nice faces - though still not out of Uncanny Valley!

They're still in there but I gotta say, they're climbing out of the valley slightly with that one.

The graphics themselves did not amaze me, but the facial expressions are a step up for real time graphics for sure.

H O L Y SHIT! Those model actually looked real... like not fake real, but actually real!!

I might have to check this one out

Oh man WOW these are hands down the best facial animations I have EVER seen from an ingame engine. Even if the rest of the game sucks this will make it a noteable hit.

it looks good, makes me think that it might be like the flip side of Mafia 2, playing as a cop, fighting agaist organised crime

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