Daily Drop: Clock

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So it was 10:10, then a blink later, it was 10:25. YOU BROKE TIME.


Thank you, I hate those ugly clocks. People keep putting them in their house like they are classy, but they are just cheap peices of ugly junk, bleh.

That thing looked expensive! What's next? An Iphone?. . . >,>?

It looks like an epic fail to me.
Where's the sledgehammer???

Am I the only one who were hoping it would land upright after it did that flip on the second drop? xD

That song reminds me of something, but I just can't place exactly what it is.
It's driving me insane!

I was pissed untill I saw the price tag and molded plastic base.

Right now, there's an old clockmaker somewhere in Switzerland China bawling his eyes out...

duuude. that looked expensive :S

Finaly dropping something we all hate; time. Yay!

awesome with the gears and everything... but what a waste...

I loved the hands spinning and then the key falling at the end.

That was pretty shocking until I saw the $15 price tag on the bottom.

I too was shocked prior to seeing this.

aah men. what a waste! that was a really pretty clock.

For the first time i thought "what a waste" until i saw the price tag

That was pretty cool. My favourite part was when you could see the reflection of the camera on the back of the clock. (So a 'high-speed camera operator' actually operates it like a normal camera? I exepected it to be some sort of huge device operated from afar from some reason.)

Those remains needed Crowbar! Capitalised because it is it's own entity.

Oh, the horology! (And humanity.)

The dome shatter was awesome, as well as the gears flying off of the second drop. Loved seeing the spinning hand at the end.

We've got one of those clocks in our house. It's an authentic one that we wouldn't want to break, though. I'm glad you simply broke the cheap-o version. :-)

If they had gotten two, I would have loved a comparison of dropping from the bottom and one from upside down, both with glass; even so, that one was one of the cooler drops. Apparently glass and water look the coolest in slow motion.

I'm catching up on Drops I didn't get a chance to watch on the day due to Desert Bus and this one seems like the prime example of why safety goggles are a must.

I suppose that's one way to waste your time. >_>

Well, that was a big waste of time :-p

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