Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1

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So now even Harry Potter has been fed to the cover based shooters. I did NOT see this coming, but HOLY SHIT!!! THIS SHOOTER PHASE NEEDS TO End!!

Yeah it's weird, no? The first few HP games were more like free-roaming roleplay-like games, where you'd learn new spells while roaming Hogwarts, but then later on the games became linear shooting galleries.

It's a damn shame. There's a lot of gaming potential in the Harry Potter setting.

I actually liked all of the games. They're not on my top 50 & I only played each one once or twice, but I don;t feel I got stiffed out of $20.

I used to love these games. I played the 2nd game on PC and found it a great addition and gave some points and concepts I wouldnt have otherwise understood or noticed in the movies, and even gave some background on the book topics that werent in the movie, Peeves is a great example of this. But now they've lost the exploration of Hogwarts element that kept the games, and to some extent, the movies, interesting. Now its just going to be two more actions movies and we really dont need more of those at the moment, at least not in the games.

I know it's not exactly the developers fault as they've most likely been contracted to make a game tie in to the movie franchise but I think making the games just based on the events of the films is a really short sighted use of the license.

Now I'm not a Potter fan per say, I've only seen the movies out of morbid curiosity and the story they tell doesn't seem in any way that origonal or interesting. But the world in which they're set does have a real charm. I think a much better use for the Harry Potter license would be a game set in the world with it's own story and characters. Think of it like "Bully" but set in Hogwarts. You could make a custom wizard, choose which magics to specialise in and level up throuugh study, follow a story over 7 years (kinda like how Fable passes time), there could be moral choices like in fable which affect the house you wind up in and the way you progress through the story etc etc. Harry Potter or not I'd play a game like that.

There's scope in the Harry Potter lisence for a great game... but this clearly isn't it.

It's too bad, the second game was great.

Is there a "remove Hermiones top" spell? Because if theres not this one can just fade away into oblivion with all the other rubbish moviegames.

I'm of the same opinion as Butts here // Games that are based off movies normally do suck as they always feel rushed and under finished // But as mention it is the HP franchised we are talking about so anyone that wanted to play this game is already playing it


Nitpick: It's Patronus. "Patronum" is the word for the spell.

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