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I can still dream about Nathan Fillion playing Nathan Drake unimpeded?! SCORE!

Ahhh!!! I can't take this biweekliness!!!!!!!

You see the problem with movie based games is that they're just (roughly) 2 hour long adaptations of the game's plot. But, the thing is, most people who want, oh say, a Mass Effect movie are fans of the games already, thus THEY KNOW THE PLOT. If you're gonna make a movie based on the Mass Effect games, don't make it over Shepard's story, make it over something tangentially related (example: First Contact War). That way you ensure that the film crew can have a lot of artistic license designing the ships, armor, buildings, weaponry, etc. and can still tell a story from the game's universe without ticking off every fan because you didn't make "their Shepard".

(By "their Shepard" I mean that the fact the game let's you choose shepard's gender, race, background, and moral choices throughout the game effectively divides the fanbase over every one of those issues, making it impossible to have a majority.)

In short, with no rants being used as examples, just take a background event like an interesting historical event from the game and use that idea for the movie or create your own story to fit within the game universe, just please, please don't make an adaptation.

Super Meat Boy is NOT terr-OH um yeah it TOTALLY SUCKS grr more like Super...Meat-less yeah (headshots of myself available upon request, Team Meat)

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