LoadingReadyRun: Ways to Avoid Christmas

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When screening the post you must make sure that there's no money inside before it goes into the shredder :P

"not so wonderful life" was dark as hell. "Convert" had to be the funniest.
Didn't think they would work "The Sam Raimi" into this one. Well played, LRR.


the log!
My dad use to have the tv on to that on christmas day

My grandfather (mother's side) used to sit in front of the tv and tried to warm his hands by the 'flames' when it was on. -_-'

that is the funniest thing i have ever heard!
I am so glad that my granparents don't come to my house.

Awesome references.

The Sam Reimi!

Quite possibly the funniest non-Yahtzee video I've seen on The Escapist! Thank you - and happy holiday muffling!

A word of compliment on Matt's "Scrooge" costume. Very nicely done.

I loved the inflatable santa coming back up at the end, it was totally un-expected and creepy!!

Made me think of Minecraft in fact lol........will Santa explode on me?!!??

Great video. The scrooge part was very well done and so were the references to previous videos.

Is it just me or was the end of that kinda creepy?

I wish I had an EMP strike at my command, too...

Nothing can can escape Christmas! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

No Graham Don't do it! Think of all the Unskippable's you have left to do.

No wait, don't do that. don't do that. don't .....Goddamn it!

When he sabotages the Santa: Put in the "Gentlemen" form meet the spy and we have a winner.

The internal references were great. From Matt's reason for converting to It's a Wonderful Game. But I loved the stinger. Did we see the beginnings of Christmas's war against all of us?

This video really got me with the paper shredder. And I mean, *really* got me.

convert to what?

Did anyone else say EMP right before the word actually came up for the House?

Cause I did....I spewed pretzels over my keyboard.

I like the converting scene there. It is cool that it ties in with the Conan's Witness episode. I also like the emp and wonderful life one too, but I really like the converting one just because it ties in with that other episode.

I am never really one to avoid Christmas, but the fact that this video is about two months late from when stores started promoting Christmas does make a point that some places start celebrating the holidays a bit too early.

The only thing in that video I would not try is the papershreder one. Sure, it is a good way to destroy those cards, but knowing my luck one of those would have money in it and that's a quick way to lose ten or twenty dollars.

The Sam Raimi... it never gets old, and it ALWAYS works.

Kind of getting tired of the Sam Raimi. It was funny the first few times. Now it really isn't. The rest of the video is great. It must have been a blast making the extreme cushion of solitude fort on the couch.

hahahaaa! screening your mail..that was hilarious, truly a lol moment

Fuckin' loved the EMP one xD

And only two months? You lucky American bastards D:

This was excellent. X Ways to Y is I think my second favourite kind of LRR sketch. It only loses to CH.

Ha! Loved the 'War of Christmas' reprise at the end there. Great XtoY guys!

Ya! Blow that vuvuzela right in Petter's ear. That'll show him.

Screen your mail had me laughing. Though I'm a huge fan of the season.

as soon as I heard the theme song I knew it was gonna be good.

Fuckin' loved the EMP one xD

And only two months? You lucky American bastards D:



The "Screen you mail" part made me laugh loudly at 00:43 in the morning :P

I'd have put a caption on the stinger as "Double Tap"

The ending was hilarious. Was it just me or did anyone else notice a 12 pop up in the right hand corner during the video.

It's about time Matt started taking out the inflatable Santas. The streets of Victoria are infested with them.

Matt, when you pointed at Santa right before the Sam Raimi, my brain went, "YOU!" And then I flashed back to Desert Bus, and I had to re-watch the ending of this video. *grins*

Excellent video as always!!!

I love these videos.

Anyone have those cards in the screen your mail? One of them looked familiar, but went through the shredder too quick for me.

Incidentally, moving over to places where it doesn't snow also helps. I've been living here for 10 years, haven't had a problem with carols or Christmas in general. It's hard to get into a festive season when it's summer.

Loved "screen your mail"

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