Name Game: Oh Holy Night

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Just finished 8 hours in a games store. Great strip, made me smile.

Was that PAINTED on a canvas? O.O

How cute.
Merry christmas guys



This has to be one of the worst webcomic series I have ever seen.

Care to give any reasons? If this is one of the worst you've ever seen, you clearly haven't been looking hard enough. Just sayin'.

ha, your avatar is great.

Literally not a single one of them has ever made me laugh or care about the characters in the comics. Maybe I have to be a game stop, funcoland, vintage stock, or what have you employee to truly get it. But I've worked retail, and I can't imagine the customers being all that different, maybe just smelling slightly worse.

I don't care for the art style, and long skinny necks on everyone. I don't like how all the characters always looks depressed and cynical.

I feel the need to comment because I paid for the pub club and buy merch from the site. And as a paying customer, I should be entitled to request that thing I don't like about the site be improved. You will never hear me bitch about say not finding Penny Arcade funny because I don't pay for that site, so I have no right to bitch. Here I do because there are comic and shows I like and gladly pay money for.

You're not a stock-holder or something. And even if you were, the comics on this site is not some Publishers Club privilege, it's free for everyone. You're free to complain if the high-quality videos aren't that high-quality, you're free to complain about watching videos on your iPod, but you're not paying for the webcomics. And I don't think they would fire the artists just to please a few people who complain. And I don't think the artists would change what they do well.

You don't pay for Penny Arcade, yes that's true. You don't pay for the webcomics on this page either, so stop thinking that you have some extra rights because you paid 10$ for content that isn't related to this.

OT: I liked this one. Helped me get more into the cheery spirit. The rein-octopus and Alix sleeping on Crazy McBlueEyes was really cute.

We of the Christmas staff at GAME UK, salute you.

Merry Christmas. Thanks for an awesome Comic

OT: I liked this one. Helped me get more into the cheery spirit. The rein-octopus and Alix sleeping on Crazy McBlueEyes was really cute.

That was pretty much all I was gonna say. Although I hadn't come up with a name as awesome as "Crazy McBlueEyes". I tip my novelty Santa hat to you for thinking that up.
Unless that's his actual name, in which case my love for this comic grew two whole sizes bigger.

Aw octopus reindeer how cute.

Oh god, the idea of working retail in December gives me the kind of squirty panic shits that would compare to the thought of fighting a grizzly bear with a plastic teaspoon. To all those who have done it this year, have a VERY merry Christmas. You've earned it.

Why thank you. I just wish we had a pet squid at the GAME (UK equivalent of Gamestop)where I work! Merry Christmas to you too :)

you know, now that i think of it......why are they staying over night at the store? Are they that poor? Do they not have families?

Awwww thats sweet. Merry christmas all!




I think I'm blind. I saw no portal reference. Educate me!

Neither did I. Little help here?

Look at the glass in the background, remind you of any psychotic drawings? :)

Just me who gets the Portal reference and connects it with the turrets
"Are you still there" ?

Once while working at a video store on New Year's Eve, we had someone knocking on the door at a few minutes before midnight mouthing that very question "Are you still open?"

Oh, how I'd love to be able to do this at my work...

gah, people who show up like 3 minutes to closing time on xmas/new years eve, with a list of stuff to get...

We're dead on our feet, did you really decide half an hour ago to start your holiday shopping?

The only advantage, is you're generally sold out of all the good stuff by then, and can shift some old stock, as the kinda people who step in at the last minute will buy anything :)

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