Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Best Popular Songs

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Awesome episode, so funny, and with the GT and Wip3out soundtrack mentions... wow I almost forgot how much I liked those. Thanks Lisa, you kick ass.

The Cardigans??? Yes it was a cool intro, but You missed the opportunity to highlight Van Halen's "Panama". I swear I can't hear that song now with out the risk of wreckless driving.

Oh yeah, BYS from San Andreas. Actually, all the audio in San Andreas was note worthy.

i would say Rabbids Go Home with Somebody to Love and those elevator songs

Blow Me Away by Breaking Benjamin definitely deserves to be on this list, especially since Halo rocks...

Perfect #1 Pick!! That was in my head through this ENTIRE video! ^_^

Dude, wow. I know of like only 3-4 other people who remember GT2's intro. I totally enjoy that intro. I liked how Stone Free is in that game too.

Gotta agree about Borderlands. I was saddened by the fact that None of the Fallout games made an appearance, and neither did forza motorsport 2 or kingdom hearts...

I also liked your 'all that' mug. That is nostalgia right there.

whooowh :D love brutal legend. its an amazing example of how to make an great atmosphere and scene for a specified audience :3
love you tim schafer for making excellent games every time you publish something XD

I loved "Paint it Black" in Twisted Metal: Black, but for me the absolute pinnacle of licenced soundtracks is Wipeout XL. Moreso than any other game in the series, tracks like "We Have Explosives" and an instrumental version of "Firestarter" got me ready to fly at insane speeds.

Thank you for including Haunted by Poe. Perfect song for an awesome game.

I cannot argue with your top 5, but you have to tell me if you ever played Run Like Hell >>> Linked here if you haven't. They utilized the rock styling of Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace. I will be the first to say the game suffered in several area's but their use of the music in combat, or dramatic scenes was awesome.

Hah, I accidentally smiled and nodded to myself at #1. That one is very, very true

Broken Orange:
Need more of those two guys. The best humor is the type that makes fun of yourself.

Unless that's the only humor in the entire "humorous" piece, which in this case it is. Is this series supposed to be humorous or just informational? I honestly can't tell. Then again any series that gives you Duke Nukem as a badge for watching ten episodes? (Yeah, good luck with THAT one....) Well what do YOU think they're alluding to?

Each week on the Escapist I try to give a new series a shot but seriously while the Escapist has the marketing right it takes more than just a pretty face. It takes content. In one members opinion, this production is void of that unless you really care about a humorless look at what some other gamers top five songs in games are. I don't.

Take this show seriously? How about not at all.

To be constructive how about writing a few more times before you film it and have guidelines for content. If there isn't enough don't make the show. Writing something more than once adds layering as well as content. Simple.

Also can anyone make one of these things witout being bedecked in fashions popularized by the triple Lambda fraternity? Seriously, do you ALL want to be "that" gamer?

Better luck next week I guess.

"War" by Poets of the Fall was the best song in Alan far.

I wasn't expecting the Stubbs the Zombie soundtrack. Children of the Elder God was the song in Alan Wake that stuck for me.

Fantastic pick for the #1 spot. I absolutely love "Ain't No Rest for the Wicked", and it fits the game perfectly. I was already obsessed with that song, and then I saw the Borderlands trailer that featured it, and there was absolutely no way I wasn't going to purchase it.

WTH?! No Mr Crowley by Ozzie Osbourne in Brutal Legend?! That song, that scene, was amazing!

Good list, but I'd have to say Rock & Roll Racing was the first game to really take licenced music to the limit in the early days.

unfortunately yes, shame because the song fits the game pretty well

I was about to disagree with #1 until I realized that Fallout is the invisible real #1. It MUST be!

The only problem with the use of Sympathy For The Devil in Black Ops is that it does feature the line "I shouted out "Who Killed The Kennedys", when after all it was you & me" which is kind of out of whack with the storyline. It's still bloody good though.

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