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The gamers' Robot Chicken!

He looks like a young Zach Galifianakis


ok.... lets see what else you got...

Lol, and that's why you buy a PC-- they are superior to xbox.

i really don't know wtf i just witnessed. It was hit and miss. I

Definitely some potential here, and compared to other recent series... *cough* Lisa Foiles *cough* ...this is a major improvement. And it's actually funny! I for one, will be coming back next week.

very good, so far. 2 points:
1) how about switching to a bigger driver (or, even better, NOT buy add-ons for a sh*ty game :/)
2) I would have ended the 'Gears pitch' with the guy holding the (obviously fake) arm
P.s. Good work on the cooking Mama IRL :P

Flawless Victory!

The gamers' Robot Chicken!

The gamers already have a robot chicken. It's callled Robot Chicken.
parappa the rapper

space invaders

dig dug

I meant to a more exclusive degree also you forgot the MarioXGTA parody

I saw a new videos and was bracing for another Videogame Theater or Game Dogs.

Have to say, though, that was pretty great. Can't wait to see the next episode.

Well, that was enjoyable. Particularly the little limbo kid.

I didn't expect much, but this was surprisingly good, I must say.

For some very odd chance, I happened to even recognize most of the games (as they're console games) mentioned.

Dude that was AWESOME! Possibly going to be my FAVOURITE SHOW ON THE ESCAPIST!

Moar, please for the love of your respectful deities MOAR!!

The Pilot

Holy crap, it's the pilot episode. If you missed it during the Escapist Film Fest, here it is.

Watch Video

Not bad. It kinda reminds me of Robot Chicken with the constant swapping of vids, but the jokes are good.

I saw this during the Film Festival from Shaggy Shan's (The guy who played John Marston and was in the Cooking Mama skits) and I enjoyed it when I saw it then. Seeing on the front was a nice surprise and I enjoyed it as much as I did the first time! I hope to see more of this in the future!

This kind of sucked. It has one more chance to earn my short and feeble attention

It was kind of... "meh." It had its moments, but all in all I was unimpressed.

Well done, you deserve this. This was hilarious. Looking forward for the new stuff.

That was hilarious. Much more entertaining than Lisa Foils.

Like it. I wasn't expecting the random sketch comedy but it seems good enough so far. Not the best, but this is the first episode. It'll probably take you a little bit to get into the groove. Looking forward to seeing more from you guys.

Wanna see more of Trials HD guy!

I did not find any part of this show funny at all!

Darn that was an amazing video! I can't wait to see more. I really enjoyed the Cooking Mama jokes the best. Simple short and funny as hell. The rest were...okie. Keep at it please!

I was trying to come up with some constructive criticism but the only thing I can say is "This is just bad..."

Limbo kid was sooooo funny

and so was Trials HD guy

I like the gears skit and deleting your hardrive bit. I can see myself getting into this show.



Good start. Keep it going =)

that was awesome, I cannot wait for next weeks.

Worst episode ever.

Seeing as it's the pilot, it's also the best.

That was just so random. I know the idea was to skip from one sketch to the next, but it felt more random than it needed. Some work on editing and framing could help make everything a little more fluid. Of course, it had some moments, but 80% was not my kind of humor. Strangely, though, I find Lisa Foiles increasingly funny though it kind of springs from the same vein. Odd that.

Let's see how this pans out though Extra Credit already fills up my mind for many hours on thursday.

This show shows some promise. Looking forward for more in the future.

Laughing the whole time, I now hate myself for missing the film festival.

Also, that last thing with cooking mama vaguely reminded me of Doomsday Arcade O_o I'm gonna go watch that now. Thanks.

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