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HILARIOUS!!!! is it sad to say that i liked this more than ENN? ENN was good but I think the humor is better in ENNN

I couldn't watch all the way through. Sorry to say this was pretty lame. Please go back to the standard format. And go back to making an ENN episode every week, for crying out loud.

I enjoyed the change. It felt much more natural and flowed much better. I found it was easier to share in the hilarity of jokes as you guys laughed.
It could have been edited with a faster pace in mind.

I liked how it didn't seem forced or scripted, and it made the information seem of higher quality.

If you dressed up the room a bit, and got mics that don't pick up the echo of the room, ENNN would be ultimately superior to just ENN.

I hate change but I like this.

No clue why people act like this is going to be regular with the tag implying it's behind the scenes.

Definitely fun for a change. Plenty of magic. Just done with magnets.

Interesting change of pace, but I'd stick with the news format. As others have said, it feels more like your creative process for making one of the news segments; these very same jokes could have been told in regular ENN with a little tweaking. Also, I think the "faux news" aesthetic of the main show is more appealing than "telling jokes around a table."

Not bad, it's a nice change of pace compared to the normal segments.

Kinda reminds me of the Cracked After Hours videos...

loved it

I liked it. Seems very informal, relaxed and off the cuff. Hope to see more in Ennnnnnnnnnnnnnnn shows in the future.

Ill agree to that - Was entertaining, funny, and felt natural, flowed real nice.


Funny as ever guys, but I think your normal ENN style is better personally (all the actual content of this weeks was genius but think it would have been even better done as a normal ENN).

So my vote is to go back to normal ENN but if you wanted to say, do this as an EXTRA thing each week that would be too awesome for words (but Im under no illusions as to how much time and effort you guys make each week just to amuse me and the rest of the gaming community so I appreciate that's not likely ;))

I really liked this. As a change of pace, it worked really well. Seeing the brainstorming was hilarious, especially when they'd giggle at themselves and work off of each other's ideas.

And... just a prediction... I'm expecting "cockscreen" to become a mainstream term in the next year. Well done, guys.

That was fun. Thanks, guys.

I like the regular format, but don't enjoy the commentary/interview sections, so I preferred this. Though I would have liked to see it in a more mock formal setting- like a round-table discussion- which I think fits more into ENN.

Phailhaüs/Whatever comeback?

Agent Larkin:

I like it. However some actual Phailhaus would be nice GRAHAM!!!


It's hard to say.... I'm afraid I'd miss the newsdesk format, but I do so love the quick-fire easy banter of Phailhaus.

But yeah, I loved this episode.

Aaaaah, comic sans!!!!

Run away!!

Form up team! Cockblock formation!

Loved the new set up and good to see some comic sans hate in there.

Cockscreen made me think of a type of repellent you use to repel men.

Great episode, i love behind sceen stuff

I loved this alternative take on the show. I think I love it even more than the normal news-spoofs. The pacing was just more laid back, the air was a bit more identifiable, or personal. And I laughed a lot.

You asked, now you know :)

That was really good. Honestly, I'd like to see more of these.

But what I'd really like to see is ENN becoming weekly again. This was my favourite of all your shows ; ;

This was pretty funny. Maybe not an every-episode occurrence, but funny nonetheless.

For some reason, the delivery of the jokes this time was spot on hilarious every single time. Keep up the good work.

So it's PhailHaus: ENN?

Thumbs up for Phailhaus: ENN. It was hilarious and awesome. :)

So it's PhailHaus: ENN?

Yeah I wasn't sure at first, but once I realized it was ENN in the form of FailHaus I was all for it. The only LRR video with more LOLpm would be rapid fire. I don't know what Jer was on when this was filmed, but make sure he's on it every week.

tldr - New format is good.

It's okay and it's still funny, but it seems like something to do every so often, not every week...

I liked this. I liked it a lot. Normal, relaxed Graham seems better than Srs Bzns Graham. And loved your bracelet, Kathleen! I'd like to see these more often. I found this funnier than the original ENN.

+1 Like new format

I kinda miss the little text comments, but other than that it works.

If FF13-2 is a dress-up game, they need some paper bags for some heads. Seriously, WTF is up with that main character's man face Square Enix. Yuck.

That was highly entertaining! Do more of it in the future, please.

So it's PhailHaus: ENN?

It strikes me more as Phailhaus meets Blamimation but only games related. I like it.

On that note:

Confidential to LRR CREW:
MORE PHAILHAUS, SERIOUSLY. I'm a big fan, like all of your stuff, and I think Phailhaus is the best stuff you've ever done. MORE!

I think it would be awesome to see the show in this format like once a month. Best of both worlds.

Loved it. And feel no need to justify it.

I prefer this style myself. Much more laid back atmosphere

"Yes...they're so sad. They're just crying, into their bathtubs of money."


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