Critical Miss: The Numbers, Mason

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Hey, yeah... the words "faggot" and various sexual acts regarding you, "your mom" and sometimes even "your dad" and "your dog", were never mentioned in those Black Ops statistics.

It's the number of people playing the game X number of matches played X amount of time passed (3 sexual insults per 2 minutes, on average) or something... it's obvious I failed Math. Suffice it to say that the sexual insults numbers in this comic are insultingly low. They are beyond the billions already, and that's not a joke or hyperbole. I am dead fucking serious.

interesting....enough to clone myself a dinosaur

"Twice the population of the sun"
I laughed so hard, this was a good one.

That's nothing. I've posted 1 million times the population of the sun funny posts on this site.

Nice comic but I want to see what happened in the story arc. Needs more Gabe!

Twice the population of the sun
That's funny

oddly enough, i found the last bit the funniest part.

HA! loved this one!

Since this threads inception...


And now that song is in my head again dammit!

This was a great one XD

The Numbers, Mason what do they mean??

Hell if I know

One of my favorite strips thus far. The videos bit was definitely the highlight, but I wouldn't discount the elbems pie chart, either.

Syntax Error:
Good god! Am I the only one seeing what I'm seeing with that thing to the right of the pie chart?

Holy shit, I didn't even notice that, WHAT THE HELL?! If that is what I think it is, what is wrong with these people and why are they so big????

finally children of steam is over (or a break at least), something funny again... :-)

Your best yet!!

I couldnt help but laugh at this.

FUCK! Now we're going to have to wait over 4 years for an ANNOUNCEMENT of when the fucking conclusion's coming!

lol the go to song for Halo videos is "Blow Me Away" by Breaking Benjamin...but I LOVE that song

and I feel bad for Infinity Ward >:[ or what was formerly them, not their current skeleton existence (screw Kotick)

That pie-chart is wrong. There's no slice for "crudely drawn pornographic imagery."

Sometimes, in my nightmares, I am haunted by the idea that our worth as sentient beings might one day be evaluated by a superior alien race who judges us solely by the community on Xbox Live.

Definitely one of the best things you guys have produced.

That pie-chart is wrong. There's no slice for "crudely drawn pornographic imagery."

It's also missing "Weed references" which make up a solid 50% of emblems.

Yes, 80% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

I believe it's 43.7% actually.

Grey Carter:


I was kidding, hence the emoticon.

Ahhh. In case the strip didn't give it away I'm kind of humour impaired.



Also, the writer quoted my post! It's like we're best friends! SQUEEE!!

Just when I don't think you can top do!

Gonna send this to my CODBlops-addicted cohorts (none of whom are real gamers in my opinion, given that they all own the Xbox 360 so they can play CODBlops and consider Halo to be too "outthere" for their limited tastes) I'm sure they'll appreciate it =)

I don't know. I feel like Critical Miss is gaming comic strip equivalent of the Daily Show, as in it's not always funny, but it makes a very good commentary about the behaviour of a certain group of people. It doesn't have to be absolutely funny every time to be interesting.

So I guess now we finally know the truth. Activision is using its massive profits to clone a goddamn dinasour!

Good statistics and numbers though! They do a credit to the internet. :)

Susan Arendt:
Oh, sweet puppies, this one made me laugh...especially the bit about the videos...

You now have that song stuck in your head. For life.

Humble? I think not. One laugh acquired for you!

I just cracked-up at that Austin Powers reference :DD



I must be honest, I disliked the series initially but I've been won round by the amusement of Children of Steam and good quality strips like this one.

I like it. Suddenly I feel like I'm reading Time. The magazine, not the intellectual construct.

Susan Arendt:
Oh, sweet puppies, this one made me laugh...especially the bit about the videos...

Same here. I chuckled out loud at how right that was. I think they may have actually underestimated though.

I love the Doctor Evil reference next to the... *puts little finger near mouth* One Billion Dollars!

Ah... Statistics. The science that says if I ate a whole chicken and you didn't eat any, then each of us ate half a chicken. Not to say it doesn't have its merits, but it's funny how it became almost a form of entertainment lately.

would be better to present the statisticks of that in a pie chart where how much you ate of the chicken is a porion. how much he ate is also a portion. and a portion that shows how much chicken that is yet to be eaten.

That was funny and oh god I enjoyed the docter evil joke

Good strip I love it
now seriously why bodies by drowning pool there are better songs and better artists to use but it's always that song

The pie chart is the closest thing to a real static

I know cause I've SEEN it.

Would those men be.....

Nice comic,but why did you stop the gaben?

Best comic from these guys yet. Funny as hell.

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