Show About Games Show: Super Saiyans and Killzones

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Loved it. Keep up the good work guys!

You see, this is why I hate most other Dragon ball fans. Most of them are complete morons.

Did this win some kind of competition for content? Because said competition probably had one participant.

Mr. GameBrain:
The shows pretty hit and miss on the comedy side of things.

But I can't deny that its creative, and quite entertaining overall. :D

By hit and miss do you mean miss and miss?

I love this show, which is weird cause I hate LRR.

So you only like sketch comedy when its absolutely not funny at all?


Nikki Buskell:
You could do with being more brutal with your editing. These sketches would work much better if you shortened them and reduced some of the unnecessary stuff. For example, Killzone was the best segment of this, but it's build up went on too long. Don't keep everything you shoot...or if the extent of how many people back up the 'watch it' argument is that important, maybe use a fast-forward.

Silent Hill worked because it was quick, cheep laughs.

The documentary style thing at the start needs a shorter intro, and quicker, snappier cuts.

Basically what I'm saying is, it's daft silly humour, so quit trying to dress it up. It's stealing from the fun.

I agree with her completely. Your quicker jokes such as the silent hill one always make me burst out laughing while most of your longer sketches are just a long wait for one joke which therefore makes me only go "hmmm, that was kinda funny". I did like "Asian Mode" a bit more but that had two whole jokes in it. So yeah, editing is your friend for more hilarity.

Count me in on this. With some snappier editing the pacing will pick up to match the delivery. Right now it seems like the pacing is off and therefore the comedic timing is messed up. You can obviously think of amusing stuff, just don't tell us your whole life's story :D. Keep 'em coming guys you're getting better!

My first comment which is now marked as spam was maybe not clear enough in my critic, however it was more my immediate feelings upon watching the show and really there are a lot of comments in this thread that are like that. However since mine is negative I get a warning *sigh*.

Anyway don't hope this comment is going to turn out to be a waste of time:

Now What I've been trying to say is that I do not feel this show is going in the right directing, what I mean by that is that I liked the pilot, LPB and the limbo jokes. Now what set these apart from the current show well in those instances it was jokes based purely on games and gaming alone, no mainstream jokes needed since they had enough material. Unlike the newer episodes that try a more sitcom approach where games is a theme but the focus has shifted more into a mainstream perspective. And newsflash guys, mainstream jokes are hard to make because you have basically have no material to work with. But it doesn't have to be like that if you would just go back to more games oriented show.

For instance I've watched the limbo episode like 4 times because it was really funny to me and to any gamer however I usually just skip all other content in that episode because there were no gamer based jokes and those there were was way to over explained in a crash attempt to get the mainstream in on it.

Last but not least to anyone saying I am a troll, notice a Premium member the reason for this being I want to support internet TV, however if your not allowed to vocal your critic then it will never improve, and I believe zero punctuation(Yahtzee) have been saying this over and over. But while he is a master at expressing his opinions, there are others like me that might not be as good but are still using our precious time to comment on videos(good or bad).

"My son is an idiot!" - Saw it coming, but still cracked me up.

That episode seemed to be missing something in the beginning. I'm not really sure what it is that it was missing though. I mean, I know you tried with the cut out armor, but it wasn't all that funny until dad showed up. After that it got much better.

"Vegita! What does the scouter say about his power level!?!"
LoL @ myself for even saying that x_x

But seriously. I think it might have been even more funny if they tried to show the typical super saiyan power up session where he's just shouting "AAARG!" for, like, half the show.

Oh yeah, and, is anyone else just SICK TO DEATH of seeing the Rift trailer on tv, youtube and the Escapist? At least we won't have to see it anymore here once the game comes out...
I hope T_T

I love this show, which is weird cause I hate LRR.

That's not weird, it's expected. They're two different shows, with different premises. Whereas LRR takes one joke and runs with it through an episode, SAGS (huh, sounds weird abbreviated) takes a multitude of jokes and tries to press them in one episode.

Some of the early stuff the LRR crew did were similar to this - smiles here and there, cringe-worthy moments the rest. What is this, the 7th episode? 7 episodes in, I don't think you guys have found your thing yet. You can't seem to decide whether to stay quick and snappy like your first ep and the most recent Silent Hill sketch, or have a couple of drawn out sketches like your Saiyan and Killzone.

I'm sure you'll get better, but it's a little frustrating when you guys set the bar with the LBP sketch and then you give us this.


Thankyou sir, you gave me a link to the best csi website ever

Anyway, I loled so hard at the pyramid head joke I nearlly peed myself, I still chuckle when I think about it

I like Killzone 3...



I love this show, which is weird cause I hate LRR.

So you only like sketch comedy when its absolutely not funny at all?

According to your subjective opinion yes. However my subjective opinion is I like it so i watch it :)

one half always cracks me up and the other either creeps me out or is pretty lame XD

Oh god those killzone screams were hilarious

The Killzone audio was great


You've obviously never played Silent Hill, that sketch was fantastic.

Also, it's called a sketch show, not a sitcom

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I get it, Killzone has lots of cutscenes. That one joke didn't need to take up half the video.

YOU SIR WENT TO BLIZZCON 09'! I have that same "Republic of Gamers" shirt. Now we are special friends together.

Did that guy call Pyramid Head "rhombus dude?" lol

Killzone bit was funny, the DBZ one not so much. Although "Over-analyzing the Obvious" is the perfect parody name for about half the shows on Discovery and History channels.

And only one killzone is derivative joke was necessary.

lol. No, I think it probably was necessary with at least five. They could have added a couple more very easily as well.

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