Critical Miss: Okamiden: Handling Criticism

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Daystar Clarion:

Not surprised the game would get a low rating. It is a sequel to one of the most genuinely bad games ever released (horribly broken controls that can't be fixed because the Wii has no patches are absolutely bad; so when I'm calling it genuinely bad, I mean it really is quite bad because of major technical issues, not just that I didn't like it).

What does surprise me is that the brush controls worked in one try. Then again, it was probably trying to do cut, but the game read it as "mustache" instead, just like its predecessor would do.

I never had any problems with the controls, maybe the dodge mechanic didn't work as well as it could of, but that was a minor issue. Are you sure you don't just suck at using the Wiimote?


Anyone who considers Okami bad (or refuses to play it.) should be banned from gaming forever. FACT.

Okamiden I'm really enjoying too. It's downgraded from the first one sure. But it's in no way bad. Shame it was put out the week between POkemon and the 3DS so it'll never do well.


Okami probably is my favorite adventure game, beating even Zelda. Okamiden has only one gripe so far, and it's that there is no diagonal movement. It's awkward at first, but if you pay attention, the camera auto-moves for you so you can just run straight most of the time, and any odd curves you would otherwise make on an analogue stick is done for you.

Also, WTF is this about low frame rates? It's plenty good on a DS. 20FPS isn't anything to complain about on a handheld. 15 maybe, but not 20.

Grey Carter:
Critical Miss: Okamiden: Handling Criticism

It could have been worse.

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So yeah. I don't care for Okamiden (curse you, stupid O thing!)

The game's biggest problem is that they literally just tried to transplant Okami's core gameplay into a handheld, perspective and all, and while the DS controls are superb the device just isn't built for Okami's visual experience. The once lush, beautifully designed graphics are now vague, pixelated nonsense running at about 20 fps if you're lucky. I know it's not cool to complain about graphics these days but Okami remains one of the most visually striking games ever made, that doesn't come across in the DS sequel, which is a shame.
The puzzles don't push you in the same way Okami's did either and you rarely, if ever, have to do something that hasn't been explained to you in one of the game's incredibly long, annoying, and of course, unskipable tutorials.

Chibiterasu is cute as a motherfucker though.

As for people asking for a Okami remake on HD consoles. I'd disagree. The game really is fine as it is on the PS2.

What we really need, is a sequel to the best Clover game evar.


You and me...we're starting to understand each other. As amazing as all of Clover's games were (WTF Capcom...why put them down of all teams?) God hand is just beautiful and I wish it was more accessible for my friends and such.

Hey look at that! does Erin have a Delta and th three chain rings frm bioshock one and 2 on her wrists in the first panel?

Hey look at that! does Erin have a Delta and th three chain rings frm bioshock one and 2 on her wrists in the first panel?

Isn't it the triforce from Zelda...?

The adventure parts of okamiden aren't quite as good, but I love the boss fights.

Must look away... I can't AHHHHHH! Just kidding.

I have not played this one yet so I am not sure if I can agree but still, great job.

I'd love to see a remake of God Hand! I never got to play the original, but it looked fun as all hell!


Well, this doesn't change my view, i'm still buying it.

Mind you, it could be on fire and contain asbestos-laced sugar, and i'd still buy it 'cause it's so CUTE!

Plus, y'know residual Okami awesomeness.

20 FPS is so low.

But I only played the PS2 version.

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