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in regards to that last comment in general how did noone notice how bad gaming stories were? maybe it's because noone was reading the slips of paper that came in the boxes with the games you know the instruction manual and other crap. i mean to see how bad it has always been just take a look at the story for yars revenge for the atari 2600 in this game your apparently playing a mutant space fly thing whose race eons ago had hitched a ride on some human astronaughts ship as they cruised the galaxy, not the humans are gone the race evolved and can eat any material and crate energy bolts from, which is good because your planet yars has come under attack by a race that it doesnt go into. your job is to kill thier big death ship by eating it's protective layer and shooting at it while it shoots energy bullets at yolu which you can hide from inside a radiation belt radiation apparently doesnt kill space mutant flies.

and thats basically the kind of backstory you get from alot of those old games least the ones who didnt have comics or tv shows.

but even if you do the story integration right i doubt it can be as immersive as a good book. to illustrate i'll give the example of a good book i read not to long ago called farseer, about a race of dino like creatures who evolved intelligence. the plot revolves around this races version of leonardo davinci who defies local religious authorities and starts telling and proving the planet is round and such theres a scene in it after he gets rounded up by the authorities where he gets his eyes stabbed out with a dagger and what makes this scene so powerful at least for me isnt merely the description but how the entire thing was built up. i dont think you can do that in a game because such things kind of need to lead you around a bit to get you where you need to be when you need to be there to get the effect wanted. all games have an element of players free will in them players usually explore the levels in whatever order plus theres death and repeat which all breaks that immersion little by little. thats not to say you cant get some really good story elements into a game but death randomness in which players do things and exposition all in my mind work against getting a real immersive story

I'd like an NPC to start talking to me as soon as I come close to them, rather than staring mutely at me until I hit the context-sensitive prompt flashing over their heads. I'd then like to still be in control of my character throughout the conversation, walking around, fiddling with ornaments, hunting through drawers, shooting arrows at bunny rabbits, etc, with dialogue options being selected with some quick on-screen prompt using a button or control that is otherwise unoccupied. I don't know if you guys saw the Plinkett review of Revenge of the Sith, but he makes a good point that all the dialogue scenes are just two people standing (or sitting) and gabbing at each other, and it's incredibly dull. People do other things while they talk; it makes for more dynamic discourse and an opportunity for characterization.

This is a great idea. I wish someone would try it. Witcher 2 will not have this, you won't be able to control your character, but he should be walking around and gesturing and in doing so look real and natural.

I love games to give me context. I will never enjoy a game about jumping around and shooting people in the head for no reason other than to shoot them in the head. I will never enjoy platformers either. Jumping around on blocks does not appeal to me at all. I like good playable stories.

I don't think that games should move away from cutscenes or deep stories or conversation trees that actually have a demonstrative effect on the story. If you like a game that doesn't "trouble" you with a good story play games like that. If you like depth in story telling and cut senes (not super long ones like Final Fantasy but thrilling and appealing ones like a Mass Effect) then play those games. I use to be a FF fangirl for a while too so if you like 90 hour movies where you get to play the game for like 1/2 of that go for that too. The LAST thing the gaming industry needs is a pairing down on game/artistic diversity.

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