Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 In-Game Songs

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Sweet hat! :) Wear it more often, like Yahtzee does.

Man, I have such a nerd-crush on you Lisa. You obviously know your nerd-trivia, you have a Queen T-shirt, you like beer, you use the Scrubs-sad music, all the things I look for in a woman.

So yeah, great vid... and if you're ever in Sweden... look me up. I'm not a creepy stalker at all, promise.

I know Lisa has already included an Alan Wake song choice in a Top 5, but I'd like to bring up the in-game Children of the Elder God rock show as one of the most glorious and awesome musical moments in video game history. Hard to believe I've actually played Parappa the Rapper, or as it's more commonly known, the weirdest rhythmn game on the Playstation.

Nukie Brown? Nice choice in beers Lisa!

Have to wonder why 'Eyes On Me' from FF8 or 'A Scientist Salarian' from ME2 didn't make the list though, and Parappa The Crapper did...

i hate newcastle brown ale.

Goodnight Chicago? We should meet up for a beer sometime! Cold and hoppy! ;)

Anyway, good list. I see myself expanding my horizons and playing a couple of these games that you keep mentioning.

FUCK YES I love this list!
Portal and Bard's Tale are two of my all time favorite games.
Great great list! And hell yes Guinness! Drinking along with the best Top5 you have put together. Well done.

I found Brad's Theme from Comic Jumper to be the most addicting in the game.

I didn't like this show to start of with...but I really enjoy it now. It's like a listy video game version of The Soup with my mancrush Joel McHale (uh oh...too self-revelatory...).

I too love beer. But I would be holding a New Belgium brew...

Cute shirt. And who doesn't love queen. They made Flash Gordon watchable.

As for the absence of the "Great mighty Poo" that's probably a vote in her favor.

I am saddened by the absence of Scientist Salarian too, but delighted to see a song from Bard's tale there. I still sing nutlavee sometimes. I don't know why it stuck with me so.

Oh I love Pappa The Rappa, which makes it so sad that PlayStation won't release it on the PSN Store. D':

Same. My personal favorite out of all of them was the Driving Song. For some reason I had to sing it when I was taking my driving test. It was just so damn fun to sing XD.

I agree with the above you give love to: Mordin Solus- Scientist Salarian!

Though...does Lisa have a 360? It seems like she doesn' then the oversight would make sense.

cuz the game was like totally 360 exclusive and not released on any other platform...


No Great Mighty Poo song from Conker's Bad Fur Day? I call shenanigans.

Oh yeah! That has to be one of my favorite boss fights ever, mostly because of that song.

Good taste in beer :)

Still alive is played throughout portal wherever you find a radio D:

You wanted me to start drinking at 7:30am :O

I miss Gitaroo Man on the list. Think it was funnier than Parappa..

Ender Wiggin:
No love for Mordin's 'A Scientist Salarian' in Mass Effect 2? For shame...

I have only seen that part of the game, and I still think it's worth a spot on the top 5 :O

Pabst blue ribbon neon light in the background? you hipster scum Lisa!

Oh man, I went through all the video waiting to hear a shout out to "Rusty Anchor" sung by Glottis in Grim Fandango. Awesome song. Here you go, y'all, enjoy.

Ah...don't you just love it?


Please make my babies



Good list, bad taste in ale.

epic win for new castle on a show!

I think more news reporters should drink on the job. It might make them more entertaining to watch like this one. (even if this really isnt 'news').

Also did she say 'gnight Chicago" at the end?

Cheers for Newcastle Brown Ale!

*reads the title*
hah I just know "I'm still alive" is gonna be on numbeAND ON NUMBER 5 PORTALS STILL ALIVEr 5 thats just what I was going to say...

Personally I love the Black&White Sailors song. :D

I second this motion,
You had a wonderful notion
It's a shame the top five weren't the same
It's because Lisa is just so damn lame.

Room Temp, Guinness should be served room temp.

You mad fool!

/singing "Kick! Punch! It's all in the mind
If you wanna test me, I'm sure you'll find
The things I'll teach ya is sure to beat ya
But nevertheless you'll get a lesson from teacher

Kick , Punch , Chop - Block
Once more now
Kick , Punch , Chop - Block

Don't get cocky, it's gonna get rocky
We gonna move down to the next ya jockey now

Duck , Jump, Turn - Pose
Listen carefully
Jump , Pose , Duck - And turn"

Thanks Lisa......Had that stuck in my head all day now! If I here turn or pose one more time in there today I am going to write myself a strongly worded letter.

All excellent choices, but I thought this one deserved to be included as well:

Eric Idle is the man.

Haha, I love that video, might go and dig out my copy of Diskworld II. Such a fun game.

How was the Great Mighty Poo not the top song!?!?


I liked the beer because it kept her hands off her hips. Also, the intro was hilarious.

I'm glad Still Alive was on there, but I must wonder, why were they all funny songs? The list specified simply best 5 in-game songs. Does that mean they're preformed by the characters? Wait, I think I answered my own question then. Why would someone put a song in a video game where the character's of said video game sing... and then try to make it serious?


I love that song. Thanks for mentioning it, Lisa! =)

Another funny one is Increased Chances from Full Throttle:

No Great Mighty Poo song from Conker's Bad Fur Day? I call shenanigans.

I'm with you man I was shocked,sickened, disturbed.. and mildly frazzled with the lack of singing turds




Really? Reallyreallyreally? Cos I think that'd taste absolutely vile.

Dark beers are all meant to be drank at room temp. It's only wussy Americans that insist that beer be served cold at all times. The cold hides the flavor of the beer.

then why would they make a cold version of the drink for pubs?


(we are going to ignore the evil red devil at the end shhh)

So pussies who can't take the taste of guinness can pretend they're hard by drinking it too cold to taste.

No Scientist Salarian? That's definitely my number one in-game song.

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