Trailers: Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Announcement

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Ew. The colours are all wrong

Clearly they're using the Reach engine, and a whole lot of straight-from-Reach character models.... So why not use Reach's Mark IV armor instead of this hideous thing? The Chief now looks like a dumb unstable robot.

Only the graphics engine was updated, you can switch between the new graphics and the legacy graphics. The physics engine and such were untouched.

That is fantastic news.

However, do we know if this is going to get a physical on a disc release or if it's just going to be an XBLA download? I hate buying downloads on my console.

This AND Halo 4?! Really!?! WTAF?! I thought we were done with this series! Why do they feel the need to do this?! OH WAIT... $$$!

Never played the first one. So yea, looking forward to it.

"Ten years ago, Halo changed the way we play video games". What? Have I missed something, or do Halo fans play with their feet?

This week has been my favorite week so far. Going on holiday, Skyrim demo, Halo 4 trailer and now this. Oh and ME3 trailer as well.

Well, awesome news is that its going to be lower than 60 USD. REJOICE!

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