Escape to the Movies: Super 8

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I thought something was wrong wuth my computer on the lens flare part.

Thank you so much for the Kung Pow reference, I have ALWAYS loved that movie and it is hilarious!

Seems like quite a few people thought their monitors were dying. I sure as hell thought so.

That was actually the first time I've heard the Kung-POW joke. I'm sure I'll see a lot more of it though.

Also, I thought something was wrong with my monitor with all that lens flare.

HOHOHO You older folks and your love for ET... I hated that little turd monster.

Leaves me where I typically find myself with Abrams: on the fence.

Now, I'm a big Abrams guy; I was late to the party but I watched Alias in reruns and I'm trying to keep Fringe from falling off my radar when I have busy Fridays. And I know this will make me a Bob-postate, but I loved the new Trek film. Yes it was an ensemble piece and Kirk, instead of being the centerpiece, is probably the least iconic character in the main cast; I was more compelled by Pike. Yes, the science was kinda dumb: supernovas destroying planets light-years away, and weird time compression where Spock can go all the way to Vulcan, build a ship, come back but be too late, but come across Nero, but the black hole is still there and it throws him back in time and oh dear I've gone cross-eyed. But just like the way he describes this film, there are some great moments that highlight the film and a lot of the characterization is well-written and tremendously-acted.

It's like having a wife who's like a 5 or a 6; she's pretty enough and she raised a great family and you know you'll walk through fire to make her happy. But if someone points out that she has no chest, or she could use a little makeup to bring out her best features, it's not like you can honestly DISagree, but you sure as hell better not be caught agreeing, either.

That's what I have: a silver-medal marriage to J.J. Abrams movies.

So now I'm kinda torn on whether to see this or not. I probably won't be able to say that Bob is WRONG about his critiques, but chances are I'll see it anyway, and if I like it enough, forgive a lot of its flaws.

The lens flare concerns me. It may have been a mistake to tell Abrams it "worked" in the Trek movie, you know, making it all washed-out and in-the-moment looking... but he used the exact maximum amount of the technique that you can cram into the movie and not just be like, okay, enough already, knock it off. But now, having been told it works, he must have decided, the only thing that can make it better is to have even more! But I'm not sure 1979 Podunktown is the right setting for that kind of lighting as opposed to a sterile 23rd century space vessel.

WiiU WiiU WiiU WiiU WiiU WiiU WiiU WiiU WiiU WiiU

Okay, got that out of my system.

Overall, about what I expected, if a little more polarized. I expected the "trials and tribulations of the kids" story arc to be the highlight, and the "monster/alien coverup" to be the letdown, but not as extreme as Bob paints it to be. Perhaps that just the "I have opinions for a living" side of him talking, and making the opinions a smidgen more extreme than they ought to be, but I suppose I'll have to see for my self to decide.

Also: the lens flare thing totally had me going for a few seconds. I was looking around for my gf to be pointing a flashlight at the screen, and rewound the video a bit to make sure it wasn't just me. Happy to report it didn't take TOO long for me to "see what you did there"

I was worried when I saw the first lens flare, I thought my monitor was starting to die or something. Nice visual gag, Bob. :-D

Seriously!! I thought some deuch might of put his feet on my laptop oe something lol. Welllll I WAS KINDA HOPING IT BE The Iron Giant or something but nooo... Oh well.

In the Jungle the Mighty Jungle the Lion Sleeps tonight WiiUUUUUUUUUUU

Moving on.

All hail the mighty Suit!

Really moving on.

The trailers of this movie made me feel like it was trying to be Inception. It gave me no real interest to look into it because it just went. "Hey watch this truck run into this train and cause a random accident, see these kids these are the characters, heres some random stuff also going on. And done. Hope you come see Super 8" and I'm just sitting dumbfounded thinking "What did I watch and why did it matter?"

I thought he was just being cheeky with the lens flare gag, until after it was over and I witnessed a digitally imposed lens flare OFF THE LITTLE GIRL'S NOSE. That doesn't even begin to make sense! I can imagine J.J. Abrams in the editing room, pointing at various points in the movies screaming "LENS FLARE! LENS FLARE! LEEEEENS FLAAAAARE!"

J.J. Abrams is becoming to lens flares what Micheal Bay is to excessive explosions and sunset shots, or Zack Snyder to ramping, or the Cohen brothers to pretentious misanthropy and overrated films.

The worst part is that cameras nowadays have special lenses and whatnot that are specifically design to reduce lens flares. That means thousands of dollars are spent going back and digitally adding these effects, JUST BECAUSE. There's no reason for it, other than to give your audience seizures and migranes.

I had already purchased tickets to see this movie on June 15. Thanks for the blindingly (literally) obvious reminder to bring sunglasses!

I honestly thought there was a problem with my screen when that glare wouldn't go away.

but the movie seems alright. Will probably go see it anyways.

I just saw this movie, I thought it was great. But I don't get one thing, he said there was lens flare, I didn't see any lens flare at all. (Also don't do jokes like that again, I almost felt like my computer was failing)
The only REAL down side to the entire movie was the ending. It wasn't what I'd expect and it felt like it was just 'there'. The military guys were all there and not a single one fired at the alien, you'd think there was one guy who goes, "WHAT THE FUCK is that THING!?" and fires at it.

Other than that, it was a great movie. Can't wait for it on blu-ray.

So it pretty much is an E.T. tribute then, I was hoping that wasn't going to happen. Just going by the trailer it really felt like a Spielberg movie, and while that's not a bad thing, I'm gonna wait a bit before I see it now.

Also, that wasn't funny, I seriously thought my monitor was going to hell, and I have a laptop!

Also also, I do believe I'm going to watch Kung Pow again, I love that movie!

OK, I'm sorry, what? Why is he giving any, any mention to anything video game related in a movie review? He remembers he has a video game show, right?

Oh, on second though, it sucks now, so maybe he should forget about it.

But yeah, I had absolutely no interest in this movie, I predicted it wouldn't be great, and I'm glad Bob actually figured out how to use that little integrity thing he's been neglecting his entire career and didn't fall for it this time. He'll let me down again in the future, but for now he gets a point.

"This is basically a test to see if pandering nostalgia works on me."
Well you did Like Scott Pilgrim.
Also; what is it with you and the Tanooki suit? The Feather Cape was basically better in every way.

JJ Abrams is an exploitation filmmaker. He can't make a good movie, but he can make a half-decent movie. So he always focuses his movies on things that people love irrationally; Star Trek, building-sized monsters tearing shit up, little kids, whatever.

The Wii U name reminds me more of Tobuscus.

Emmirich has got to be one of the few people in hollywood more hollow and insubstantial than JJ Abrams... Godzilla anyone?

Really Bob, you are going to put distractions in all your videos now.

Anyway, on topic this really does not tell me whether I should see the film or not, 'you might like it, you might not' is really starting to get on my nerves.

And also, I like the reverse branching story thing, it seems like a neat little finish to a film.

Hey MovieBob:

Why the fuck do you beep your fucks when fucking Yahtzee doesn't fucking do it?

JJ Abrams being lazy with supernatural mystery? I'm not surprised. This was only getting hype from the Spielberg nostalgia, but you've gotta do more than the concept. I don't get the Abrams geek hype, Alias and Fringe just aren't on the level of similar geek darling, Joss Whedon's works.

Stopped the video for 1 minute to try and fix lens flare *smacks self*

Hey MovieBob:

Why the fuck do you beep your fucks when fucking Yahtzee doesn't fucking do it?

Because he doesn't wanna copy Yahtzee.

...any more than he already does.


Hey MovieBob:

Why the fuck do you beep your fucks when fucking Yahtzee doesn't fucking do it?

Because he doesn't wanna copy Yahtzee.

...any more than he already does.

I'm not asking why isn't he saying "fuck" more often. I wonder why does he beep it out if it's apparently not the site policy. And I don't really think he's copying Yahtzee that much, even if he occasionally mimicks his humor, he's got enough of his own things to maintain a different style. If you're looking for Yahtzee's piss-poor imitation without a single original thing going for him then Jim Sterling is your man.

Dammit moviebob, when the lens flares came on i thought my screen was busted.... >=(

Lol nice one with the lens flare. I thought my screen was shot.

Hang on! did i just see right, at the end near the credits that someone is planning to make a asteroids film?........ um what the FUCK!!!!

That was the first time I heard the WiiU joke. And I watched Kung Pow for the first time 3 days ago which makes it even more hilarious.

I never thought about watching Super 8, so your review only made me feel like I won't miss out on something really good.

Is this where I point out that there is zero f**king possibility that that pick up truck could have derailed the train? I mean... 8 cars flattened by trains in the states every day, haven't heard of a train crash in yeeaaars...

Anyone who loved Kung-Pow: Enter the Fist is probably the worst kind of person in the world.

watched it today with my wife. we both agreed, that the movie was average. yes, the lens flare was a little pain but the good thing is, its not all the time (in the movie i mean, not bobs review :p ).
so yeah, its a movie for just wasting time if you have really nothing to do. it has its moments which suck a bit but has also some moments were you like to see the alien. it is well made and that you dont see much of the alien besides at the end of the movie. nothing really surprising in the movie. like i said, just good to waste time.

in short, its a huge, ugly looking, pissed off version of ET who likes to go home. only he has hardly nothing to do with the kids as in ET.


Because he can, that's why. :p
Some people just have different styles on how they want their videos to look and sound.
And yeah, I wouldn't say he's copying Yahtzee either. If he was doing that, then every movie review would be finding the smallest thing to complain about, and over exaggerate it to hilarious effect.

Anyways, the movie: I thought it was really good and a nice change of pace sandwiched between the comedies and super hero movies that we're getting this time of year. Bob brought up The Goonies, and that's exactly what I was thinking of as I was watching it. I think that if they had gone on an adventure WITH the alien, it would remind people of E.T or even Mack and Me, only not favorable. It certainly falls into the category of "Hey, you remember those PG-13 kid's adventure movies from the 80's? Well here is a movie to bring that nostalgia back.".

What I would love, is a brand new retelling of The Never Ending Story, directed by Guillermo del Toro.

am i the only one who thinks that super 8 sounds like a kid's show(not the movie just the title, to clarify. I don't mean any disrepect to this movie)

My computer froze immediately after you cleared your throat (after getting rid of the lens flare). I sat there for a good minute waiting for you to continue, and then I tried to move my mouse to check the time.

You have power over my computer.

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