Jimquisition: Accountability

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I demand no one else enter the Jim + contest, that deep Jimpressable kiss is totally mine.


Yeah, I changed it.

Don't let it go to far. You don't want to become Jimpregnated.

OT: Good vid, back next week? Strongly in favour of.

DON'T KILL HIM RUSS!! WE LIKE HIM NOW!! that all I was thinking towards the middle of this one haha very nice episode, didn't much enjoy the previous ones, hense why I was half expecting Mr. Editor-in-Chief over there to have tossed this bad baby off a cliff spartan style. However I do believe Mr. Sterling has weasled his way into his on niche on the escapist, and if future episodes are like this one, well, *in Jim's voice* THANK GOD FOR THAT. =P

I like it, thanks.
Good video.

Nothing pisses me off quite like having to constantly make different accounts for everything, sometimes multiple accounts for the same damn game. So yeah, I know that feel.

Man, I hated the Jimquisition when it first came to Escapist, each episode has been better than the last though.

At least I think so anyway.

This series is growing on me.

...woah...Jim actually had a good point this week. I need to lie down.

Free bonus equipment seems to be the one that has that has crept up on me with EA and ubisoft wanting you to register.

Heh, I agree with Jim. IT MUST BE THE END OF DAYS!

While I managed to actually chuckle this week (but only at the First Templar part) I still wanted to punch myself in the face, then the monitor at the end when he decided to rub it in that as much as I'd love to never have the opportunity to begrudgingly click on his video links, that it's just not going to happen for the time being.


Would prefer infinitely if you dimmed the light you stuck up your arse by say 20-30%.

I don't think the escapist has much of a leg to stand on when criticising subscriptions when there's a publishers club we need to pay for just to watch Jim on our iPhones.

This is exactly why I never purchase games from EA. Different email address means I'm stuck with my old email and password every time I want to get a new game. So long Bioware, it's totally not worth it.

I have to say as someone who hated the first ep (still do) and gradually warmed to him over time this is the best Jimquisition so far and i hope to see more in the future

Also on topic, the reason I have yet to buy Assassins Creed series on PC is due to Ubisoft wanting a constant connection to your computer while you play, while the others services arent as bad i would still like my Steam games to work via steam and not require additional logins to separate distributers...

Personally i have Steam, PSN, Games for Windows Live, Xbox Live, Origin, Game Centre, Crystal (another iPhone one) as well as Minecraft and WoW which is way too many people having my details just for one hobby especially when no book companies need my info nor do i subscribe to any commercial film services (such as netflix but excluding youtube).

Yeah...all these password requirements are really getting out of hand. It's not like jumping through hoops just to play a game...it's like jumping through hoops covered in spikes and that have been set on fire that lead right into the gaping jaws of a Tarrasque.

CAPTCHA: away hagent

Away is right. Go away, Captcha. I'm still mad at you for trying to use musical notes that one time.

Game companies are just following the trend of society at large. Having to sign up for a new online service every time you get a game (whether the game itself has online content or not) is no different from carrying around a wallet full of "loyalty" cards for every grocery store, drug store, gas station, and, I guess, any other retail establishment for the sole purpose of avoiding their disloyalty(?) tax.

i can haz fridge magnet plz?? ^^

also: /sign video

Johnny Impact:

"I'm going to pretend to take myself seriously and make a huge deal out of the fact that I'm pretending to deflect criticism... isn't that funny? It's funny, right? Seriously, LOOK HOW FUNNY AND OVER-THE-TOP AND WACKY I AM!!1!!!!"

Can you blame him? Yahtzee got famous -- or as famous as the niche audience allows -- doing essentially the same thing. You can accuse Jim of being unoriginal but you can't say he doesn't know what works.

The key difference is, Yahtzee doesn't drag out his jokes interminably long. He doesn't take up half the video with his clown act.

/facepalm Gawd, Jim is STILL here at the Escapsit? 1: Equalize your bloody audio, noob. 2: For the love of all that is holy, point the camera at anything but yourself. Imagine how much sh_ttier Zero Punctuation would be if the visual was just Yahtzee flapping his mouth hole at the camera and being smarmy.

"...is that none of it, none of it, is necessary"

I find myself very much in agreement with Jim's points, and the above is the critical key statement. Game publishers as of late have been on a complete bender to pump out crappy games, send gamers through a myriad authentication hoops to store information that just gets stolen(putting us gamers at risk), and then handicap the entire game experience with poorly implemented DRM. And we pay good money for this.

Wow, come to think of it, why are we gamers still putting up with this crap? We should just start finding something else to do with our time and money, things that are far more rewarding and less of a fuck-over than video games.

The key difference is, Yahtzee doesn't drag out his jokes interminably long. He doesn't take up half the video with his clown act.

No, just the whole video instead.

God be praised!
Anyhow, good episode - my thoughts exactly. On PC I'm already tolerating Steam, if game features GFWL or any such crap I just buy it for PS3.

Well, that was the last time I was gonna give this show a try. Abysmal week after week, with the improvements... Just not improving enough.
Thanks for bringing up the Escapist Hack to get a few laughs, which you didn't.



The key difference is, Yahtzee doesn't drag out his jokes interminably long. He doesn't take up half the video with his clown act.

No, just the whole video instead.

FYI I like clowns that fall down, and squirt eachother in the faces with liquid spewing flowers (Yahtzee) I don't however like clowns that wrench my mouth open only to insert copious amount of shit, then tells me to laugh, or swallow. (Jim) I frakking hate that guy...

Still Life:


When I signed on to the 360, I loaded up Mass Effect 2 only to get a message telling me all my DLC downloads were suddenly corrupted and needed to be re-downloaded. Why? Because even though I legitimately own Mass Effect 2 and paid for that DLC, apparently I still need to be online and connected to by Cerberus and Xbox Live to use them. That really pissed me off.

That's strange.

I had to be connected to CN to activate the DLC after downloading, yet I can play subsequent games without having to be online. I play on PC, so maybe it's different?

Yep. My wife plays ME2 on PC and she had no problems accessing the content through her Steam edition. My Xbox edition, however, got quite freaky on me. It was very annoying.....

Lol Good one Jim

Now, as a capitalist I'm generally supportive of businesses being able to do business. But, and this is the second most important but next to Jim Sterling's, I also think that just because a business can do something doesn't mean it should.

In this case, the consumer is taken advantage of, and even demonized through DRM. Seriously, not cool developers/publishers. If you insult, short-change, and punish your customers, you shouldn't be surprised if they decide not to buy your products.

Which is why I urge gamers to boycott games that use DRM to punish players. Now, I don't have a current gen console because I'm cheap, so maybe this turns out to be all games nowadays. And if so, then so be it. We need to send a message to developers that this behavior cannot be tolerated. That gamers won't simply lay down and take it like prison bitches.

So says the Butterfly.

First off Jim, love the series, keep covering the topics that need to be discussed.

This one was near and dear to me because I *loathe* Steam. If humanly possible, I will not buy anything through them or GFWL. I totally understand the need for accounts for online multiplayer games that involve persistent unlocks and achievements, but why do I need to be logged into GFWL to play Fallout 3? You literally have two sets of saves, one for when GFWL is working, and one for when it's not.

Steam is the same.. I had it go sideways on me one day, had to completely reinstall it. Then, despite the fact that all the games are still on my hard drive, it wants me to redownload everything. I haven't found a way to have it realize the files are still there and this point I just don't care.

The flip side of this is, of course, the 'one password to rule them all' push from sites like facebook. Is this better? No, no it's not.

It was not bad. I'm surprised he didn't mention the word pirate. I guess it's easier to rant about something (in this case the greed mean game industry) while happening to forget to talk about their side of the story. It won't be a problem as long as you keep on your audience side tough...

Nobody ever misses Hitler's side of the story in a discussion about WW2 (or at least usually not), but if Jim adopts this style in a 'Microsoft Vs Apple' kind of discussion, he'll have some problems.

Yeah good points made.

PS - Does anyone feel kinda sick when you watch Jim?

Totally fabulous. Says what needs some sayin'!

Thank you Mr Sterling, thank you indeed!

I wish games would just go back to the DRM=CDKey system. So much simpler. DRM is only stopping the people who own the game from playing, not people who pirate. Maybe its time the company looked at a rewards system where, if you buy the game, and register it, then you get free DLC/Expansionist.

And by register, I am thinking along the lines of how Egosoft do it for the X games. Just go to the forums, go to your profile, and put the key in, hit confirm, and your done. Free stuff for you. XD

Good points made, as usual. I think the Jimquisition has become my favourite series on the site. I know a lot of people don't seem to understand he's constantly taking the piss, but I think his presentation is brilliant. There's just one thing bothering me after this particular episode: I want that bloody fridge magnet.

"Jimquisition is awful, I highly doubt he's going to get any better and its just embarrassing, please Escapist get rid of him and replace him with someone else?" lol...

Good episode.

EDIT: That quote is from his second video

Fucking hell. He's right. Event the Escapist wants our FB accounts and has a publishers club. Christ.

Liking these more and more. Thanks Jim.

I was jimpressed there. I don't get the hate for this guy.

So uhhhh.... How can I join this Jim+ service?
But yeah, that aside, I really hate how many log on accounts I have to play games. It's ridiculous, and will only get worse.

Valid criticisms sure, but really...I don't think that games are the focal point of this problem. Relentlessly re-enforcing customer loyalty? How about Apple? How about for videos, where I sign into Netflix, Hulu and Youtube, and have the option to buy things from Amazon, Apple, Android and who knows what else? Games seem like such a serious offender because the average gamer is going to be getting products for multiple platforms, and multiple developers.

The majority of this complaint seems to be mainly because of healthy competition. Every once in a while you hear a conversation where people are terrified by the possibility of Steam monopolizing digital distribution, or one of the consoles becoming the only console out there, and that stifling the need for innovation. Well if you want competition, and you want the kind of bare minimum of anti-stealing mechanisms in place that don't inconvenience the consumer but make it physically possible for a business to function (Things like a CD code, a disc check, or other mechanisms where a person who wants to pirate the game has to at least go someplace online and download something) there is going to be a lot of signing in in places.

Lastly, these techniques...work. Why does the local grocery store have a loyalty card that lets you access certain sales, even though the card itself is completely free? Well the card in your wallet makes you associate shopping with that store. Its a small pain, but it makes people a tad more loyal. And that kind of loyalty is very easy to do i n something like video games. The more digital other things become, the more you will see it there as well. Personally, my only real complaint is when the redundancy is actually inconvenient. I have no problem signing into Steam, but I shudder at the thought of GFWL because it has rendered games of mine unplayable for hours. With any luck, all those sign ins will slowly consolidate into a reasonable number.

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