Tales from the Table: Chapter 7: A Tale of an Elven Council

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I'm definitely liking Falcore's channeling of Belkar Bitterleaf, but at the same time it's not the same without playing the game. :/

Kudos, guys.

Really? Belkar Bitterleaf wants to kill all the halflings in his village. His outfit reminds me more of Drizzt. And oh, how I dispise Drizzt.

Also off topic, but isn't it a recuring thing in fantasy that elves DON'T grow facial hair? Or am I missing something

OT: But really guys, great series. D&D is so much fun to make fun of!

The video wont play for me, every other video on this site will apart from this one! QQ

Got it working - looks like theres no HTML5 version on this one, works fine in Flash.

Good episode though, nice to see that the aussies know proper rugby too! :D

ok guys, even though i hate it....

IT'S AFL .... not rugby >< :D


There, I fixed if got you, thank me later. ;)

And yes, this is an Australian thing for those from overseas. :P

As to the show, very impressive episode, in fact this really is the best so far. More so since this adds so much depth to a character it was not just very easy to hate, but one who felt unimportant to the rest of events. This was the episode which not only corrected that view, but did so in the best possible manner.

Keep up the great work guys. :D

Tower 87:

The costumes are AMAZING; mucho kudos to whoever put those together.

Oh, and good on the lass playing aussie rules, it can't be easy amongst a group of sweaty boys!

They are the one in the same I believe, at least the girl is both credited as a footballer and in Costume & Make up.

Ah, I now feel woefully unaccomplished by comparison.

Is it just me or whenever there is a show on the Escapist that is made in Australia. It is filmed in Victoria?

Awesome! This is really improving as time goes on!

I like that they took the time to really focus on one character for 10 minutes. It added a lot of depth to the series. I hope every character gets an episode to grow, eventually.

This show keeps getting better and better.

This show is amazing! That pillow scene reminded me of my childhood. Hilarious! It was great to see you focusing on one character, and it was great to see Aussie Rules Football represented (greatest sport in the world). Fantastic episode! Great work guys!

Oh fooey. I just started the series not too long ago, but now I've caught up to the episodes and have to actually start waiting for them to come out before I can watch them

I loved the character development in this one. He reminded me of me, I have a favourite character that I RP with, but even when I am not playing i just have a part of me thinking about that character and how she is growing. Especially if it a day i was supposed to be playing but it got canceled for whatever reason. Very good. I suppose he was the character I could relate to the best from the beginning because i always play an elf. When we play fantasy RPG of course.

I also like that we seem to be moving away from those couple episodes when everyone was just an unrelatable jerk for no reason. This time, he started getting out of hand because he felt like he was not contributing, and the others actually had a reason to give him the one week suspension because he was getting out of hand. The characters had reason for their actions, which is always great. Very good episode.

Early in the series Falcore was not my favorite in the group, but his story has really evolved and now I as a viewer am invested in his story. Great job on the writing and the acting!

I am very eager to see what some of the other character's backstories are.

Should be due a new ep soon if they're back on track with the fortnightly release :D

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