Critical Miss: Stowaways: Ending

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Erin truly is the embodiment of composure.

My reaction to this comic.

U mad? XD

Wow she was actually able to lift up Peppy Hare?

So she has a dash of crazy to add to her list of skills, right under cynicism.

I do love this plotline though, and that last panel was hilarious.

This plotline really has been one of the best ideas since the comic's run began. The journalist angle was different, but you hadn't really been applying it: a hallucinatory journalist who gets visits from the characters she reviews, however, is much richer. It feels like the angle you've been wanting to go for all along, and I feel really positive about the strip because of it. I've liked Critical Miss so far, and I hope to see it get even better.

But you jerks, Peppy Hare was the best tutorial sidekick I've ever had in a game. >:(

So her "visions" might not be entierly imaginary? Notice how the car behind them bumbs on something "invisible"



*5 minutes later*




*The next day CSI investigate the scene*

One of the victims was having delusions that Peppy Hare was telling her to "do a barrel roll"

I guess they should have.... used the brakes.


You did the right thing, Erin.
You did the right thing.

This one was awesome. I loved thier faces in the last pnel where she says she has it under control and looks like a psycho.

Allthough the truck hit a bumb so maybe they werent completely in her imagination.

Peppy's demise amused me.

I hope that she gets that stutter under control.

Can't end better than w/a barrel roll.

So her "visions" might not be entierly imaginary? Notice how the car behind them bumbs on something "invisible"


Oh, no.

Suppose Erin isn't just going 'round the bend. Suppose the accident unlocked some sort of latent psychic power- the ability to materialize her thoughts. Sure, they can't actually be seen right now, but you know how those inexplicable, seemingly-impossible powers work- they only get stronger. And only Erin's ability to avoid stress and insane situations is what's keeping all her inner angels and demons from spilling out into reality.


Ahh the glorious questionable line between reality and fantasy. Love the 'bump'.

So... this storyline was essentially a way to stick game characters in the mostly realistic storyline without making it come off as too dumb or random?

I... I... it's...


*stands up*


So she almost dies in a car crash, and Erin STILL doesn't wear a freaking seatbelt? How god-damn retarded is she?

Were that arm come from in panel four... Did she just kill Link?

I hope she stays crazy a lot longer than necessary. This is too good.

Who's hand was that in the fourth panel?

I think this might be appropriate:

That was hilarious and adorable!

Grabbin Keelz:
Who's hand was that in the fourth panel?

Were that arm come from in panel four... Did she just kill Link?

It's her hand, the white bit is just a "swoosh" effect.

I'm just glad I wasn't the only one to notice that she wasn't wearing a seat belt. Maybe she's trying for a second round of head trauma to get rid of her hallucinations?

The expression on Molly's face in those last two panels... I have seen it before on other people's faces. THEY HAUNT ME O.o

Erin is the model example of sanity.

meh, she'll be fine.

she'll use the boost to get through this.

On the plus side, she may actually start to understand Penny now.

Oh, I can relate with Erin there.


I heard that one so many times I'm surprised *I* didn't end up in an Asylum.

Still isn't wearing a seat belt..

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