Miracle of Sound: I Suck at Call of Duty

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But, Cod takes no skill, THERE, I SAID IT!
Anyway, putting my hate aside for the game, really good song. To put it simply, want a shooter that takes skill, play counter strike source, seriously, I DARE YOU CoD player!

Try playing COD against Mark Of J, Sandy Ravage or FearCrads - then we'll see how your 'takes no skill' works out.

Don't worry Miracle, we all have our moments. Though yours seem to last longer than others... your just that special!

Here's one of my moments:

Yeah, it was me that died. I wasn't even angry, just... stunned.

I got a kill like that before:

Feels awesome. :D

love it. I found this one on YouTube and hoped it would migrate over to The Escapist's collection. :)

I have never played Call of Duty before, but I still have to say that I really liked this song. Well done once again!.

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