Name Game: The Cosplay Dilemma Part 2

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I also turned 20. Not on Monday, it was a few weeks ago on a Wednesday. It was also kind of weird. Then again, so am I, so whatever.

The lumberjack probably didn't help things though...

Heh. I love Name Game. It has grown on me.

Heh Green Spandex..

Ohh I cn't wait to see next to see the result. I guess she means alot to him to be willing to put the spandex on

"If you loved me, you'd humiliate yourself for me..."


Happy birthday! And as always, that's one fine comic you got there.

Quite strange, but (bits of) romance really does work quite well for online comics. I doubt xkcd would be as memorable as it is now without it.

Happy (belated) birthday. I turned 20... last year. Now I feel old, and it's all your fault.

Happy 20th birthday to Elisa

your turning twenty?
my god AWESOME! for some reason I thought you were older. probably because your too awesome!
and I am giving Jack props for leaving the house in a bright green uni-tard for his lovely lady.

Happy birthday. Really good one this week, great job. I raffed.

Love the comic can't wait till next week and happy birthday.

And all throughout the convention hall, the sound of a whip cracking through the air was heard.

Happy birthday.

20, eh? Happy birthday! And now I feel old... I think I'll take a nap.

Hey, you kids get off my lawn!

He's going to make the darkest sunflower there ever was...

And also - happy birthday! And have fun at PAX (wish I could go)

If I know what's coming next time, and I have a fair guess, I want to get the "beat the images out of my eyes" requisition form filled out in advance.

"If you loved me, you'd humiliate yourself for me..."


Well its not really that. Shes just annoyed that hes "making fun" of her cos play fun. =]

ahppy birthday!!!!!! i turned 20 on TUESDAY life is wierd. i say that but not really.

Happy birthday!

Also, I do believe that IS the most emotion I've seen from Luke.
Can't blame him though.
Ha ha ha. Love is evol.

Oh please say that they washed that spandex first...

no, i agree. degrading. no woman is worth your dignity.

"If you loved me, you'd humiliate yourself for me..."


My exact sentiments. The *sigh* really hit that nail on the head.

Happy birthday! You're 20? Now I feel old...

I can't wait for the next one, the last two panels made me chuckle, and I'm sure the next one is gonna be hilarious.

Aw Jack. I cannot wait to see how Alix reacts to him putting on the flower suit :)

Happy birthday! You're 20? Now I feel old...

Depressing when you realize you're reading something made by someone who was in diapers when you were in school, huh? (Or in my case, junior high. SO OLD.)

the things people do (and I dont mean this in a negative way)

OT: Happy Birthday, hopefully u get to enjoy it after PAX lol

WTH is this? Transformers 3?

Happy birthday!
Will this be the story line where they finally get together? Will it??
I'm guessing Luke will get a kiss on the cheek, but that's it.

Name Game: The Cosplay Dilemma Part 2


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Happy birthday LeeLee, hard to believe there's a site contributer actually YOUNGER than me! (I'm 21 this Monday coming :P). Also, I can't wait to actually see Jack in that costume. Seriously, dude needs to man up and just ask the girl out, though if it means we get to laugh at him I see no downside to this plan ;D

I turn 20 in ten days, we should have a massive party.

I don't turn 20 for a couple of months, and I'm dreading it. Mostly, because I'm in the same place as I have been my whole life. And I'm not doing jack with my life. Anyway, great comic, I should comment on these more often, when I don't have anything depressing to say.

Oh? Might we see some further development in the romance?

Hmm... so one guy yells in the middle of a crowd for a guy in a flower suit to go to the bathroom with him and then they come out wearing each other's clothes. He better hope nobody noticed or it could be even more embarrassing. >.>

The Gentleman:
Oh please say that they washed that spandex first...

Nope, there was definitely some body heat transfer below the belt... and if it were really hot there, probably other stuff to make all people reading this uncomfortable.

In the words of Family Guy, ball soup.

It is not about being manly or not. It is about having fun or not.

Happy late birthday LeeLee! Keep up the good work!

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