Goodbye is Still Goodbye

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Good night. And may your god go with you.

Russ Pitts:

Boba Frag:

Who will do the Miracle of Sound videos now??

Slycne has already been doing them. He did this weeks episode!

I'm just looking for excuses for you to stay, really :P

Best of luck in all your future endeavours, Chief!

Best of luck in all of your future endeavours.
Im pretty sure at least 95% of the escapist community will miss you!

Did this have anything to do with the Extra Credits debacle?

All I can say is Live Long And Prosper Dude. Well that's not ALL I can say but it'll do.

So long and god speed.

Good luck Russ, have fun with whatever you do in your future endeavours.

And because it wasn't made a big deal of in the news item, Russ's own website with a different goodbye:

(My God, that site explains so much about why TechTV sucked....)

37? My goodness, I'm almost that old and I've had... four jobs? Two regulars and two on-and-offs. I'm so very unworldly!

Good luck to you. Hope life treats you well.

(I know this is unimportant, but... Russ Pitts? Steve Butts? Anyone else seeing a bit of a pun here?)

Russ Pitts, we here at the Escapist would like to thank you for all your hard work, and for helping to make this website the great place it is today. We wish you good luck and great happiness in all your future endeavours, and may the Force be with you.

Bye Russ! You'll be missed here, you've really helped make this site the great place that it is.

well done old chap, good luck =]

Good luck to you Russ. I wish you well.

Sorry to see you go, but I'm happier that you're pursing other adventures. All the best to you.

Also, I gotta mention that I'm very excited to see Steve as EIC. He's the best thing to happen to the Escapist in a long time.

Cheers, Russ. We'll miss you.

Take care Russ. It's good to know that you're leaving the site in capable hands. Good luck in your future endeavors. Au Revoir. Adios. Se lavie. Good luck.

Daystar Clarion:
See you space cowboy.



You beat me to it.

You're gonna carry that weight...

Good bye Russ, we will always miss you :(

Thanks for all your contributions to this most excellent website, Mr. Pitts, and good luck with your ventures in the future.

so long, and thanks for all the fish great work!

May good luck hound you down your ever interesting path.

Looks like extra credits and the content providers were not the only ones being paid with promises.

The Facebook commentators literally desecrated this article. Mr. Pitts, thank you so very much... for everything you have given us, and potentially will give us in unseen horizons.

Awww, well its been great having you here Russ :) I hope you do well with whatever you do next in life and thanks for all you've done to this website. Good Luck!

Man, this is weird. To me, Russ Pitts was "the guy" for the Escapist. Sad to see you go.

Wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

All the best for the future Mr. Pitts. Also, thanks for the blog link, I'll keep an eye on that =]


Goodbye, good luck, and thanks, as they say, for all the fish.

Kia Kaha =)

All the best good sir,

I hope that you'll stick around, roaming the forums like us folk (ONE OF US ONE OF US)

Best wishes Russ, you've done a great job.

Good luck in all your endeavours, sir, goodbye, and you shall be missed. If all future articles turn out to be incoherent messes then we know who to call.

Thanks for all the good stuff. You've helped make the Escapist my favorite site and the effort has been appreciated. All the best on your next adventure.

We'll miss you! For sure.

Russ, great job. Farewell and godspeed. THank you for organizing this site that , today, comprises most of my entertainment.

Goodbye then,boss.

See you on the other side.

Wow, Pitts' name has always been a part of this site as far as I know. Going to be weird coming here and not seeing it. Always loved your little editorials when I got around to reading them.

Bold move to leave with no next step set up yet. As someone who's outstayed his welcome in a company once I absolutely respect the decision. Wish I'd had the balls to do it back then.

Good luck in whatever your next adventure is going to end up being.

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