Goodbye is Still Goodbye

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Thanks for all you've done for The Escapist Russ. May your adventure be grand and full of stuff to make the world go Thank you.

I'd like to thank you for all the hard work you've done for this site and community.

Good luck in future endeavours Russ,you will be missed.

General Vagueness:
That "story" didn't really seem like a story.
"The founders of The Escapist had sought to bring print-quality, European-style writing to the field of videogames, tinged with a wholly American iconoclasm and they succeeded beyond their wildest imaginings."
How pretentious.

Yep. Have a good time somewhere else, Mr. Pitts. You definitely didn't make my time spent here more pleasant.

Good luck, Sir!
Hope you have a good time and remember; drop by!

"Takes of hat in respect"

I started watching yahtzee's reviews in 2007 and since become quite fond of the escapist. I finally decided to start an accounts I can respond to threads. You will be truly missed Mr. Pitts and I hope this site follows in your footsteps.

Daystar Clarion:
See you space cowboy.



i just then realized that whole space cowboy thing..... /face palm

Russ, you have my best wishes and many thanks for heading up an amazing team and site. Blessings on the future good sir.

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