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One Piece: All Straw Hats Ranked by Strength

The Straw Hat Crew has become quite the formidable team throughout the One Piece series. All of them are strong in their own right, but what are the Straw Hats’ ranks within the crew?

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While it’s pretty obvious who the strongest of the crew is, and the second strongest at that, the rest can be debated depending on the angle someone wants to take. For now, we’ll take a look at each of the crew’s strengths in a fight specifically. Now that we have the 10 crew members that Luffy wanted at the start of the series, it’s time to rank all of them.

All Straw Hats Ranked

10. Usopp

Usopp One Piece
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Usopp is the sniper of the crew who joined before the Straw Hats made it to the Grand Line back in Syrup Village. While Usopp is a great sniper, over all he isn’t very strong and relies on tricks and strategy to win any fight he is in. He has great Observation Haki that enhances his sharp-shooting abilities. However, outside of this ability, he can’t do much in a fight.

He’s best as a support member of the crew and certainly not someone to put on the front lines. Usopp’s character was created to represent the common person in comparison to the rest of the crew. By his own admission, he feels he can not keep up with the rest of the crew.

9. Chopper

Chopper One Piece
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Chopper was the first to join the crew after they made it to the Grand Line. He is the doctor of the crew but this doctor can do a lot of damage. Chopper is a reindeer who ate the Human-Human Fruit which allows him to have more human-like qualities. With the help of rumble balls, he can have many forms that allow him to have different kinds of fighting abilities and defense. His strongest form is Monster Point, which he learned to control after the time skip.

8. Nami

Nami One Piece
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Nami was one of the first to join the Straw Hat Crew, although when she officially joined can be debated since, for a chunk of time, she was part of the Arlong Pirates. Nami is very similar to Usopp in how she fights, with more strategy and less brute strength. While she has had some significant power-ups throughout the series, she still remains one of the weakest members of the team.

7. Brook

Brook One Piece
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Brook, also known as Soul King, is the much-wanted musician of the crew, a role Luffy has wanted to fill since the beginning. Brook was a member and then the captain of the Rumbar Pirates before dying and then coming back to life as a skeleton thanks to the Revive-Revive Fruit. During his introduction at Thriller Bark, Brook had shown his remarkable skills as a swordsman.

Brook has the power to freeze his enemies with the cold of the underworld through his swordsmanship. He also has some musical abilities that make opponents fall asleep or completely hypnotize them and change their moods. Because of his musical talents, he developed extremely sharp hearing and can detect the slightest sounds.

6. Franky

Franky One Piece
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Franky had a rough start with the Straw Hat Crew, but ultimately, he proved to be a great ally when saving Robin at Enies Lobby and earned his spot as a crew member. He is a cyborg and a genius shipwright and engineer. Using cola as his source of fuel, Franky can accomplish amazing things on the battlefield. Thanks to some ideal modifications, Franky was able to install Kizaru’s laser and also has the Franky Shogun which are two weapons that deal a ton of damage.

5. Robin

Robin One Piece
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Nico Robin, the archaeologist, started as an antagonist during the Alabasta arc and is the only member of the crew who joined without Luffy asking. After Luffy saved her life, she deemed herself Luffy’s responsibility. She has the power of the Flower-Flower fruit, making it possible to grow copies of any of her body parts on any surface she can see. There doesn’t seem to be a limit to how many she can grow.

What makes Robin so terrifying is she can kill with a single move. She demonstrated this when killing Sandam, the leader of CP9. All she has to do is grow a few arms on a person’s body and then bend them in half until they break. Robin has shown capabilities in using Fishman Karate and Ryusoken, the hand-based martial art used by Sabo.

4. Jinbe

jinbe One Piece
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Jinbe is the last member to join the Straw Hats but has been around since Impel Down and has been a huge support for Luffy. Jinbe was the captain of the Fishman Pirates and was a Warlord for the Marines. Now he is the helmsman of the crew, being able to surf the Sunny on ridiculously high waves.

Jinbe is a master at Fishman Karate and is a skilled user of both Armament and Observation Haki. He has been named the Knight of the Sea and has earned great respect from many from both Marines and Pirates. Because he is so new to the crew, fans haven’t seen him do too much yet but his reputation earns him one of the higher-ranked slots.

3. Sanji

Sanji One Piece
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Sanji is the chef of the crew and has been named one of the members of the Monster Trio along with Luffy and Zoro. His abilities outside the kitchen are just as great as those inside. Since joining the crew, Sanji has become one of the prime fighters even with the handicaps that limit him. He refuses to fight with his hands and will not fight a woman.

But even with just his kicks, Sanji has been a powerhouse on the battlefield time and time again. Sanji is able to use both Observation and Armament Haki. In Wano, Sanji was able to awaken his dormant genetic augmentations from the Vinsmoke Family. He also was able to create a new powerful move, the Ifrit Jambe.

2. Zoro

Zoro One Piece
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Zoro was the first to join the Straw Hat Pirates and is Luffy’s second in command. He is the swordsman and his main job is to support Luffy and fight. Zoro aims to be the strongest swordsman in the world and has developed the Three-Sword Style to get him there. After the time skip, he has shown his abilities to use Conqueror’s Haki, one of the strongest types of Haki and something people can learn. During the Wano arc, Zoro created his new advanced “King of Hell: Three-Sword Style” to defeat his opponent. After this arc, Zoro earned himself the title of King of Hell.

1. Luffy

Luffy One Piece
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To no one’s surprise, the future King of the Pirates and captain of the Straw Hats, Monkey D. Luffy is the strongest member of the crew. Luffy needs no long-winded explanation as to why he has earned the top spot on the crew. He has shown amazing feats and has won many battles, always going against the odds. Luffy awakened his devil fruit in Wano, revealing the most ridiculous and overpowered abilities, now nicknamed the Power of Loonytoons by the fandom. I can’t wait to see where this crazy rubber boy will go next.

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