Escapist Podcast: 014: Russ's Departure, Dead Island & Your Questions

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Steve Butts:

Also, right before the music comes in the first time, at 37.23... am I getting this right?
Steve: I brought my lube.
Susan: Ooohh, excelent.


I imagine us walking into a room in succession and screaming LUTE at a person rather than doing it simultaneously.

Steve Butts:
Seriously, expect a whole lot more Renaissance music on these things once Russ is gone. He's been the only thing holding me back.

Get yer lute and play Dane-Geld, dammit*.

(*Disclaimer: Feel free to ignore, just being silly. Yes, it's from the late 1800s but I like it and I've heard it at Ren faires.)

Goodbye Russ. I'll miss you on the podcast. Good luck wherever you end up.
Great Podcast as usual (geez, I need to come up with at least a couple varying generic good job lines. It must be wearing thin)

I can't wait to play HR! when I...have time =.=

gonna miss Russ :[

My pets died first play through of bastion as well I was soooo sad, saved them on second though it is possible :)

Good luck Russ!

It must be the Pitts to get married if you Arendt going to change your last name

As a man who's married to a woman who also gets a lot of attention, I have to say I'm appreciating the notion of Russ going around the country in an rv with a baseball bat and a long list of very rude guys.
Like the ending to Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back when they also take revenge on forum posters.
Still going to miss these like I already miss the Escapist News Network.

As for Dead Island - if they couldn't be bothered to make sure they're releasing the actual final version, I'm sure they can't be bothered to check through every line of code. And even if they could, I'd rather they fix things like the save glitch that convinced me to not buy the game. Sorry to the hardcore feminist .... um women... out there but as priorities go, I care more about annoying glitches than I do about misogynistic terms being used someplace where few were expected to see it... and many would say that I'm mr.sensitive new agey guy, except I don't have a ponytail... anymore.

*Misses this podcast* :(

Sooo... two weeks after, did no more Russ mean no more "podcast"?
Geewiz Saturdays at work sure are boring now...

Sooo... two weeks after, did no more Russ mean no more "podcast"?
Geewiz Saturdays at work sure are boring now...

What he said. :(

I'm losing all my podcasts! *cries*

Lack of podcasts earns only half a kitten.

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