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yay, Rainbow Brite re-release.

One can only hope. I used to love that show...It had a Rainbow Horse.

I agree with Bob on the whole feminism issue though. It seems there is a trend these days to demonize feminists based on the opinions and actions of a few hardcore individuals. This is rather the equivalent of declaring all males to be rapists (rather ironically so).

There are a lot of women out there who use the laws they have to their own benefit. They use the childcare laws to punish the fathers of their children, use the benefit laws to raise their multiple offspring whilst not working and basically screw themselves, their children, society and their whole family over. But on the other hand their are plenty of deadbeat fathers out there too.

Both sexes are as equally bad as each other and until we stop blaming each other and tackling the real problems society has then this will continue. Alcoholic parents, drug taking parents, fetal alcohol syndrome, prostitution, child abuse are not the cause of a sick society, they are the symptoms.

In the meantime, women still get paid less then men, men do not get the same paternity rights of of women, women are more likely to suffer from domestic abuse, men feel too embarrassed to report domestic abuse, women are more likely to be raped, men are more likely to get accused of rape guilty or not, more male soldiers die in war, more female citizens get raped in war.

We all suffer together, and anyone who uses feminism as a superficial platform to condemn women who campaign for equal wages, justice in long-term domestic abuse cases, changes in the way a rape-trial is performed, rights for single mothers, and justice for women abroad who are raped in war are fully within their rights to do so. If certain individuals think is is unfair, then they are also perfectly within their rights to play for the other team.

The condemnation of feminists among the gaming community should stop. Many feminists fight for the issues I have mentioned above, and the tiny minority who declare "men are inferior" and such-like, are not the mark by which feminists should be defined and judged.

I know I'm about five days late for this, and the topic seems to have moved onto feminism and its definition, but I just want to put my two cents out there on racism in games or anything for that matter. The most annoying thing for me is when people try to make a big deal out of what is perceived as racist, when people of that race by and large don't give a fuck. My main example is not a game, but the movie the princess and the frog, where they had to change the name from the frog princess, because apparently somewhere someone once called a black person a frog in a disrespectful way. Maybe I'm way off on this, and maybe it's just the demographic of black people I talked to (mostly friends and family, so people I live around) But we weren't offended by the title (a few people were offended that the first black princess spent most of the movie as a frog, but eh...) I guess my point is you can't realy discount the argument nobody in the offended demographic actually gives a fuck, when it is a legitamate fact.

Am I the only one who thinks it would be hilarious for Bob to talk for five minutes about Friendship is Magic? Just me?
Speaking of which, what Bob meant was that given how FiM is such a big meme right now, Hollywood's gonna pick up on it and make new shows based on old girl targeted franchises but cover them in web humor, right?

Now, although I stand for equality between genders, and agree with the twilight thing mentioned in the video, we must at least agree that feminists are just the female equivalent of male chauvinism. Again, although I stand firm on equality, and am completely against discrimination, I unfortunately have come to the conclusion that as long as there are feminists, there can be male chauvinists. In the west at least there is equality, and I shall listen to no argument on the contrary. In quite a few cases actually, women have the upper hand. Same way as is mentioned in the video: as long as there are people against female videogame characters, so can there be people opposed to the twilight characters. Similarly as long as there are feminists b!tching about equality, where women have the upper hand, I refuse to stand up against chauvinists (except in the most extreme of cases, obviously). Because truly, there is a degree of truth in feminism, although it is vastly outweighed by the hyper-feministic cr@p, and female supremasism, and try all you want, but I very much doubt you can disagree with what is say with some proof to uphold your opinions.

If I remember correctly, Hasbro is already working on improving Pound Puppies given the popularity of FiM.

That said, if anyone thinks they can reboot an old 80's cartoon and throw in a lolcat and instantly get a big fanbase, they're totally missing what made FiM so popular.

I don't get it... why should one party be allowed to continue complaining, while another party is told to "shut the f*** up"? Isn't that kind of, how should I put it, double standard? o_O Why can't both parties just have their girls in skimpy outfits and their Twilight and what not, and either both stop complaining, or both are allowed to complain? Wouldn't that be more fair?

About the male image in games (for males), here is an interesting Humon illustration on the subject:
The male body, as it is drawn by different groups
(click the "download" button to get the image bigger so it's easier to read the text)

As in, the male characters in these games, while impossibly muscled, are that way not for attractiveness for girls, but for power. They are power fantasies. If they were meant to be attractive to women, they would look quite different.

Catchy Slogan:
Thank You! It always pisses me off when people don't understand the meaning of feminism and seem to swap it in and out when what they really meant was 'crazy bitch.'

A feminist =/= a crazy bitch.

While it isn't always the case, you are wrong to say that there aren't any people who fit the description

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