Zero Punctuation: Resistance 3

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That review was certainly a cut above the average.

I hope this game (and later Serious Sam 3) marks the depopularization of these stupid modern shooter mechanics that have so bum-fucked the FPS genre.

It's better to be a good ripoff than a bad original work (the word "original" being used in the loosest sense.)

This is probably the best ZP in a while

That was the best ZP in a long time. Yahtzee was a bit of a ham in this one, which is always great. Shame Resistance 3 is a PS3 exclusive.

So they realised Resistance 2 was worse than 1 and put everything that made 1 cool back in?
(the health system, carry a truckload of guns)

Oh dear me, I might actually want to buy this game now.

Shame Yahtzee didn't play R1, it was quite good in fact, easily the PS3's best launch title.

Awesome review. Yatzee's the best at making Valve references. ^_^

Reading the first posts here, I realize most people can't remember the line "nobody likes it when I'm being nice to a game". The only reason he compared it to HL2 was to make the review hilarious. And that he managed.

So Maggie Thatcher is the antithesis of Jimi Hendrix.

Everything is now clear.

I have to be fair, this is one of the funniest reviews Yahtzee has done in quite some time. It makes me regret not having a PS3 just so I can view the Jimmy Hendrix experience for myself. And the touch with the imps at the end sure made me giggle.

I can't wait for your next review now.

I'd love to think Resistance is actually starting a comeback for intelligent fps, and that the game industry will realise that we don't all the regen health and ridiculous Press X to cover. Let's face it, when we ran into a monster thorwing fireballs in Doom, we got behind something quickly. So much more strategy required than getting to cover in Splinter Cell or Bloodstone.

Yahtzee? Flat-out liking a modern-day FPS? The one that was essentially the starting gun for FPS Season 2011 no less? If I actually had a PS3, I'd buy this game just to see if the game dispenses some form of drug directly into the pleasure center of your brain.

It's called "Nostalgi-A"

Oi!!! Wait a tic!!!

Yahtzee has *played* Metro 2033?
Funny, I don't see a Metro 2033 review anywhere. You've been holding out on us! Bad Yahtzee!

and CAPCHA: set-dancing tingclea

As in; a Metro 2033 review would give me a special feeling in my set-dancing tingcleas.

Now I just have to remember to use that phrase in conjunction with "Twing Twang".

Why is truth stranger than fiction? Fiction has to make sense!

Haha! First review in a while which has made me laugh like that.
Excellent video Yahtzee. :D

As for the game itself, well, doesn't look too bad. Medipacks/non-regenerating health and having more than the current standard of 2 or 3 weapon slots carries a certain amount of weight for me, so now I just need to do a bit more research on how good the game actually is, and I may get it. ^_^

One of the best ZP episodes of late, keep it up

Ooooohh! The Margret Thatcher experience, I'm not even British but that will still make me want to hurl...XP

And still Resistance 2 was the only good game in the series.

Yahtzee's gonna love seeing another Saint's Row, I hope.

If you're saying that in all seriousness, then you... probably don't know him well enough.

Did the story of Resistance 3 give any indication that the series was starting to reach a conclusion? We've had three console games with a portable title and another on the way so it seems like we should be at least close to being in the proximity of perhaps being near the finale by now.

Judging by this review, Yahtzee might like Resistance 1. (He should probably skip 2, though.) It had semi-regenerating health and a weapon wheel. Insomniac brought health packs and the weapon wheel back because few people liked R2's completely regenerating health and two weapon slots.

hah, kudos to you guys who understood what he meant when he mentioned zyklon-B! xD

Humans COMBINED with aliens you say? Why, that almost sounds like a CHIMERA from greek mythology!

Best review in a while. The ultimate irony for me;
I laughes so hard at the end I almost threw up in my mouth.


Wow a good review. I'm shocked. Just to let you know, none of the previous Resistances had 2 gun limits or completely regenerating health either. And the guns have always been creative. I think they steal it from the games they've always made :D

You didn't play R2 did you? It had complete regen health and the 2 weapon limit.

Ah okay, yeah I played R1 and assumed they'd make the second like that, particularly if the third was the same. Thanks for the correction

Unique. Good to see ol' Yatzee geting out of the "play, hate, spend most of the time complaining about story (even if there is hardly one), make joke and end" formula.

Well I did play the first 2 Resistance games, thought they were great and would've gladly got this if I still had a PS3... Bit of a shame to see certain elements ripped off, but fuck it, lets face facts gentlemen, very little in the AAA gaming world isn't 'borrowed'...

Also, this is the first time I've actually lol'd at a ZP in a while.

Great review, the game looks fun. Finally a first person shooter with med-kits and unlimited weaponry at your disposal. I'll be very likely to pick up a copy once I'm done with my gaming backlog.

Wow, Yahtzee likes the game.

This gag was already old five years ago, but I have to do it:

"We are Half-Life!
Resistance is futile!"

I didn't read through the whole thread, but did anyone else notice that this week's intro has a higher framerate than normal, and the entire video seems to be higher quality?

(or maybe The Escapist accidentally gave all of us the PubClub video, in which case, I hope I don't ruin it for everyone)

Erm, Yahtzee, are you alright? I'm not complaining or anything but it seems like you snapped when Resistance 3 gave you everything you ever wanted in a shooter...Is this a bad time to tell you where they buried Half life 3?

Nice to see that Yahtzee has found a game that he likes, even it does borrow rather heavily from Half Life 2. Must be really depressing to hate every new game you play. :-/

Who's in for a round of Messianic Mango shots?

All this time, I've been waiting for him to realize that the Resistance games are actually exactly the kind of shooters he likes. It's a shame he never played the first two, or he would have realized it much sooner.

Tin Man:
Well I did play the first 2 Resistance games, thought they were great and would've gladly got this if I still had a PS3... Bit of a shame to see certain elements ripped off, but fuck it, lets face facts gentlemen, very little in the AAA gaming world isn't 'borrowed'...

Insomniac Games have had this kind of gameplay since the first Ratchet and Clank game, which was released 2 years before HL2.

Aside from the SSBB review, is this really the first time where Yathzee went silent without being part of the actual joke?

This was the most hilarious review I've ever seen in my life. It seemed like yahtzee was enjoying the review, and I was laughing the whole way through.

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