Jimquisition: National Kirby Day

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Jim, I will never sleep soundly again.

I've never thought of Kirby that way...
I need to go think...


why is this not a real, national holiday!?!?!?!

kirby games are awesome, to hell what anyone may sat other wise

fun > realism

Kirby Day sounds good to me. Coincidentally, I finally finished Kirby: Canvas Curse last night.

Best. Episode. Yet. I have tears in my eyes.

I love Kirby!
Anyway who says otherwise can suck my Pokeballs (Pokemon being the Nintendo franchise I value more).

Anyway, this episode seemed (for me at least) to really fall apart near the end, but I still appreciate taking the time out to call attention to the Kirby franchise as a legitimate one- even if there are creepy undertones.

And on that subject:
I'd say the Eldridge abomination thing comes from the aesthetics being mismatched from the mechanics.

I've always knew Kirby was evil by eating them.

I recognize that background song from "two best friends play" that show on machinima.com

Well, Jim Sterling, great man that he is, has solved a problem I had! I Was having technical difficulties with a game I was going to LP, and needed another game to fill time...well Jim comes out of nowhere with Kirby Day and tells me exactly what I'll be LPing next!

Kirby & the Amazing Mirror LP, go!


Ah, Amazing Mirror. Easily my favorite Kirby game to date.

Also, very insightful video, Jim. I will never look at Kirby the same way again.
And it is GLORIOUS.

Aw yeah, National Kirby Day. Where's my Mass Attack

Also, massive irony at 1:02.

Dammit this annoyed me! Not the episide, it was a good Good Episode but him in that hat just made my brain itch for what it reminded me of;


I need to stop checking those "Worst box art of all time" threads. My brain is a junkyard full of useless things.

Damnit Jim, you're a troll not a celebrator!

That...took an unexpected turn. That ending. Just...man what an episode! Consider me a believer!

Dude. It's just a game.

I always thought of Kirby as Hannibal Lecter, with the cannibalism and everything... with some Buffalo Bill in there for all the skin-wearing Kirby seems to enjoy. I really need to get the new one considering Kirby Superstar is still my favorite co-op game of all time.

I found your pink face routine at the end to be incredibly offensive sir. My poor father spent his whole life putting up with racism like that, people calling him "pinker" and "suck mouth". I'm half white and half Kirbish but I can pass for white so I have never really been confronted with such blatantly racist attacks as your pink face but today I shared my fathers pain.

I SUUUUUUUUUUUCK YOU!!!! ... um, wait a sec...

PS Kirby is great fun. Do you remember the Kirby mini golf game from the SNES? I used to play that with my sister all the time.

I always thought of Kirby as Hannibal Lecter, with the cannibalism and everything... with some Buffalo Bill in there for all the skin-wearing Kirby seems to enjoy. I really need to get the new one considering Kirby Superstar is still my favorite co-op game of all time.

Thats kinda funny you think that, considering that in "There will be brawl" Kirby is just that, Hannibal Lecter in pink ball form.

Someone's gotta make a GIF of Jim doing the Kirby Dance. That was epic. Really, whole thing was hilarious.

(Also, HTML5 version still isn't up.)

You and your released games >.>
I still gotta wait a few days for Mass Attack and Return to Dreamland aint due for another month and a bit >.<

Ah well, pretty much full agreement here, the Kirby games are still epic after all these years, he's an awesome character, the games are endearing and the style hasn't been influenced a lot by trends.
And things get DAMN creepy if you look in to them <.<

I'm glad this is just a british holiday because the only time I've ever played a game with Kirby is Super Smash Bros, I've never played anything else Kirby is in.

There are really people in the world who knew of Kirby before this video but did not realize he was a mass murderer? That's...that's just sad.

That being said, this whole episode was your standard "Hey, it's a cute and cuddly thing! It's like something you find scary! Laugh!" scenario. Even more than last week's episode, today's episode was joke-free and, for me, not interesting in the slightest.

if Jim is wearing a Kirby hat, then does that mean that JIM ATE KIRBY?!?!?! and absorbed Kirby's powers O_o

That was quite possibly the strangest thing I've ever seen on the Escapist, but also one of the most excellent.

I do love me some Kirby.

This video was brilliant.

He could have touched on how kirby also probley does some of the more experemental concepts nintendo deals with, though Returns to Dreamland should be epic as a traditional kirby game on a non hand-held system hasnt happend since the days of the 64

Also Kirby is damn fun as you said and some things dont need to grow up

the first half of the video was okay--enjoyable as awlays--but once he started talking about how evil kirby is...i was dying of laughter right now. well done Jim. funny people are funny.


I loves me some Kirby... and he is adora-awesome.

I tried VERY hard not to kill the unarmed Waddle-Dees in Epic Yarn, especially the two sleeping under that tree.

Kirby was one of the biggest mainstays of my gaming childhood, I used to wanna be Kirby, and now I realize, that all my life, I've wanted to be a cannibalistic serial killer

I will never look at Kirby the same way again after seeing that Jason explination

my birthday = kirby day....
fuck yes!

I support this holiday.

Kirby Super Star is one of the best platformers ever made. To the point that I STILL go back and play it constantly, 15 years after it's release.

I tried to get the game today, apparently nobody delivered it to any of the local retailers :(

Also, Kirby Super Star=greatest videogame ever ever.

Today is a national holiday and if you're not paying tribute to the pink one, you've got some explaining to do.

Amazon hasn't even shipped my copy yet. Believe me, I'd love to be celebrating National Kirby Day. I fucking love me some Kirby.

Anyway Jim, I don't know whether to thank God for you because you made this awesome video telling people to play Kirby, or to hate you for getting to play it already (nobody I know was able to get a copy today either).

...I think both. I can do both, right? Multitasking.

I used to come here for Zero Punctuation and, when I occasionally ran out of things to do on this series of tubes called the Interwebz, return to watch the other videos, from which I extracted a limited amount of pleasure.

This is no longer so! Since discovering the Jimquisition a few days ago, I am a changed Escapist. Now I come for Zero Punctuation AND Jimquisiion, returning to watch the other videos when I run out of other shit to do on the Interwebz.

I fucking love your videos Jim. And your comedic timing is fantastic.

It's just one more thing that I now eagerly anticipate every week :)

Thanks Jim! I would thank god for you, but I don't believe in god. I guess I can only thank you.

I never thought of that ant comparison before. So many horrible deeds in such a cute little package.

Jim eating Kirby also got kind of meta. How does the consumer feel as he is being consumed?

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