Escape to the Movies: Tower Heist

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ignore double post

The only Joke in this movie... IS the movie.

I liked the Rush Hour movies, but that doesn't mean I care about any of Brett Ratner's other films.

Jackie Chan can carry ANYTHING, that is all

Also, he was in a serious movie that was actually really good

Say what you will about every other movie he has made, but Red Dragon was fuckign awesome and I stand by that statement.

Wait a second... Red Dragon was bad? Funny, I remember seeing a pretty good film by that name starring Anthony Hopkins, Ralph Fiennes and Edward Norton that was directed by Brett Ratner.

Tom Templeton:
And i liked manhunter.

Of course you did... That's a Micheal Mann film.

What, Puss in the Boots isn't good?

I'm guessing he thought that movie was a shoe in for something we would all go to see. If so, then he was right.

Directed at the crack at Donkey getting his own spinoff, ssssh! Careful, Bob, Eddie might hear you!

By the way, I love how you don't just tell us if a movie is bad and give us a score to mindlessly follow, but challenge us and others interested in films to understand why it was bad and how it could have worked, or why a movie was good and how it could have gone bad.

Okay, so the movie's crap and best avoided, I'll spend the money on a porno and some beer or something.

But seriously, Rush Hour? That was awesome. Even though they made 3 or 4 or the damned things I was never bored. I can't even think of anyone I know who didn't like it.

So what happens when you put a few washed-up comedy actors, some nobodies, and a crap director in a blender....

It was initially an all-black protagonist cast, and it got reduced to a bunch of white people plus one "African-American". Hmmmmm.

Damn... Murphy's original pitch sounds like a fucking awesome movie so long as Tyler Perry isn't involved in any way whatsoever. Not only did it have a great premise but it had the ability to provide the "ethnic market" an actual good movie to which other movies aimed at the "ethnic market" must be measured against, as it will definitely not include Tyler Perry.

I'm going to have to disagree with ya here Bob. Just got back from watching it. I have no idea how this movie left such a little impression on you. Both me and my friend enjoyed it and we now have a great quote to say to each other. I also have to disagree about the lack of screen time for the characters; everyone got their moments, although Stiller and Murphy we're clearly the stars (as they should have been).

It was not the funniest movie I've seen nor will I probably remember it in a year or so, but it gave me a few chuckles, and a few lolwut moments, so I think it was worth the ticket money (but I work at a theater so I get in for free lawl).

Wait, what? Red Dragon? That film was AWESOME! I hold it in very high regard along with the Silence of the Lambs itself. I mean come on... Ralph Fiennes! Not to mention the fact that Anthony Hopkins hasn't been in a decent movie since then.

Hannibal was a worse film than Red Dragon and that was Directed by Ridley Scott of all people. Then again, it was Julianne Moore who killed Clarice so that probably did it for me.

Ummm yeah I have nothing to say about Tower Heist. I wouldn't have gone to see it anyway so nothing really changes for me.

Bob is just talking out of his ass by this point and his reviews have been more and more off.

Especially when he hailed "drive" as the best thing in a long while.

This movie was not the best movie ever, and probably shouldn't be your first choice if you only have enough money for 1 movie to see, but he went way too hard on it.

Know I hated the Rush Hour movies and this one doesn't look any better. Think Eddie murphey needs to go back to doing stand up. The guy is really funny but makes poor choices for movies. Every single movie he stars in now seems like a drunk thought gone wrong. Let me get a few more shots of booze in me and then I will make Big Mommas House 4.

I'm actually interested in the all black-comedians heist movie...

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