Zero Punctuation: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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I traded this in for Dark Souls.... prat! I misss running around as a werewolf and the funny glitches.

I think Bethesda games and glitches are pretty much synonymous these days. Still I'd love to try this game should I ever get the chance.

Found a pretty good exploit earlier, there's a trapdoor thing in a ruin called Volunruud.
Unrelenting Force shout a deathlord into it, slowly slowly arrow him to death.

I found out later that even though I had went with the Stormcloaks to escape, that it was entirely possible to still join the Imperial Legion, since you can be told to do so after you revisit Fort Greymoor under Imperial occupation after you "cleanse" it of bandits. So, technically, the beginning of the game doesn't necessarily determine which side you choose later on, but it does affect your initial game experience.

I joined the imperials by accident on one character by wandering into their HQ. I followed the stormcloak dude on that character too.

That shout actually sets off pretty much any trap, so you can use it for various comedic situations in which your opponent happens to be standing right next to a pressure plate. It's the most fun you can have outside of conveniently placed puddles of oil. Took me a while to figure out that it wasn't just discolored water.

Oh Elder Scrolls game that Yahtzee enjoyed,it's heresy I tell you! :P

Got the chuckles of the day so thank you for this vid.

Yahtzee; a living testament to the fact that you can rip something apart and still like it.

Trivia: the first nude mod was created within a day of release.

Funny review as always. I've seen Video of the Flying Mole Lady before glad to hear Yahtzee got to see her too.

Though I have to wonder, if it wasn't so different from all the bland, "go here or fail" games, would he have given it such high praise? Sure he liked some of the stuff but towards the end it seems like his whole positive opinion of the game was largely that it wasn't a hand holding game.

Well this is strange. This is quite possibly the first and only time ever that I'm more critical of a game than Yahtzee is.

Overall, it's good. But:

- Bugs, glitches, exploits EVERYWHERE. I can't go 5 minutes with seeing something ridiculous that shouldn't happen, or realizing that I can do something ridiculous that shouldn't happen.
- This is personal preference, but the general lack of emphasis on the main quest and story in all Bethesda games isn't my cup of tea.

The undiluted RPG-ness is very welcome, though. The visuals are consistently great, and the score is awesome as always.

The best way to summarize it is: It's a Bethesda game, for better and for worse.

I went with the Imperial, mostly because in the bedlam of a dragon attack I saw some dude and followed him. Joined the Legion later because I actually preferred them.

Actually I didn't know I had the option of following the storm cloak guy until I tried playing a second time. I just thought I was safe with the imperial guy who was actually helpful and GAVE you useful equipment. Besides, he tried to help me when a dragon attacked and tried to help me even before I was supposed to be executed.

I have yet to actually join a side though so through out the world I am seeing camps and such on either side and not particularly caring on it other than a place to sell shit.

ironically I have yet to see any bugs other than find the exploits on some bosses.

My glitch was a farmer who was stuck on the path leading into Whiterun. He was buried up to his waist and just stared at me. When I entered Whiterun and returned, he had apparently asexually reproduced through cloning, as he had a doppleganger standing beside him, not buried, but not moving.

This happened until I had six clones and one half-buried farmer gathered outside Whiterun. Out of impulse I saved and hit them with my Fus Ro Dah to see if I could knock them aside, but when they attacked me I learned they could not be killed, perhaps being related to a quest.

HA! Fanboys prepare to weep as Yahtzee reviews your holy work! HA!

HA! Fanboys prepare to weep as Yahtzee reviews your holy work! HA!

And yet he gave it a fairly good review, so what does that say about posting on videos you haven't watched?

Maybe I've been doing something wrong, but I only became a Prince of the Money Universe around level 25, about 75 hours in. I loot just about everything and I only had the problem of having to go to more than one shopkeeper only a few hours before that. Hmmm, maybe because I was hoarding up all the dragon bones and scales instead of selling them for moolah because I saw that you could use them to forge Dragon armor... Oh well, I still have enough money to buy me, Jarl Balgruuf and Paarthurnax a giant pool party using the whole of Whiterun in place of a pool.

Also, it sounds like yahtzee only used 1h melee weapons. I dunno about you, but even while specializing in dual wielding swords and light armor, I found my major skills to include destruction and archery as well as speech, enchanting and smithing. The point is: in spite of being a "slice up the opposition until their corpses resemble thin slice ham" type of burly warrior, most of my battles involved quite a bit of weapon and spell switching, varying up my strategy usually when the battle went tits up. That and using runes to lay hilarious exploding traps. I bet that ancient undead lord never thought that the ol' arrow to the forehead would be followed up by a fiery explosion and a flourish of penis extensions.


Anyhoo, I thought this one was funnier that the last few of Yahtzee's reviews. Summer brings on better jokes?

You can only work with the material given!


hated the start because you runined in i was ceeping it a surprise for myswlf :(
however thought the end of the video was funny :)

Does anyone know what the fuck this man just said?

I think he meant to say, "I hated the start of the video because you told the start of the game and you ruined it for me. I was keeping the start of the game a surprise for myself."

I'm an English teacher, so I have to decipher a lot. ;)

I'm not an Elder Scrolls fan, but I'm glad it's getting a massive amount of popularity. It just goes to show you that a game doesn't need a multiplayer to survive in the industry.

But needs a million fans to survive.

Wait ... Yahtzee actually did a critique on a classy Western RPG within weeks of its release? ... He actually did a critique on a TES game within weeks of its release?! ...

The Storyline was speed rush and only lasted about 2 hours or so. It was speed rushed by the Developer no less. Heres the Article:

I'm thinking it took Yahtzee about 2 hours longer because of buying shite, but probably didn't have trouble with the story, since it tells you where to go everywhere.

Eh, seems like he sorta liked it but thought too easy, but still, if you want it, go pick it up.

HA! Fanboys prepare to weep as Yahtzee reviews your holy work! HA!

I was hoping Yahtzee would do that too, but he didn't, so... Yeah, disappointing but whatever.

Huh, if it's that good I might actually buy it in the sales now... honestly wasn't expecting that, but if the dead-eye stare has gone and the combat is willing to meet me halfway on the intuitive level then we have a deal.

Oh i was dreading the combat and the conversations too, because of "Oblivion", i hated that game with passion for only those 2 things, but when i read how much fun EVERYONE in the internet was having i decided to buy it like 5 days ago, i was pleasently surprised that the combat haves improved so much you could say its an entirelly different company that made the game so yes, buy it, you will be pleasently surprised :)

Trivia: the first nude mod was created within a day of release.

More triva!First mod released for the game was a replacement mod for the female panties.

Bang on as usual. Best ways to kill enemies when you have archery is finding spots where enemies have to run around to hit you, and then you jump down and they have to run all the way back. SO basicly i hit level 45 without having leveled any armor at all so i was pretty much forced to kill things before they could hit me, which is not really a problem, both giants and mammoths die quite fast with 3x sneak bonus. :D

Yahtzee liked it?..kind of?...well let me just look outside and...yup called it pigs are flying.

I killed an invisible dragon once. Pulled a finisher and everything.

And I also killed an undead dragon. I stole this soul whilst he lived... Then he got up as a skeleton and tried to kill me.

I am now inclined to end every conversation I have with something random and out of the blue, followed by, "No, I don't know what I'm on about, go away!" Imagine the dumbfounded looks on those peoples faces.

OT: I haven't played the game yet, but I'm looking forward to getting it this Christmas. Glad to see that it's universally liked.

Disclaimer: I'm a nitpicky arsehole, not responsible for my own actions. Forgive me for my sins and all that.

You are lead to your execution in the intro because the imperials caught you in an ambush set for Ulfric Stormcloak, leader of the rebellion (and the guy who blew up the previous King). As in, in his company. It's only logical they'd kill you along with him.

Fuck, I'm a horrible person.

I'm still wondering why this was £22 to preorder, yet it's always been £35 on STEAM (which is apparently with £5 off!). How do they manage to sell anything?

But yes, I loved Morrowind and I loved Oblivion. I just hope Skyrim doesn't disapoint. There are so many things about it which I worry about before even playing though and that has never happened with their games in the past. Oh Bethesda, do not abandon me now...

Shame Yahtzee cut down the bug story that he told on Desert Bus for Hope. The animation demonstrates it but he doesn't say it: She not only disappeared into the ground from 20 feet up, she did it in steps like she was walking down a flight of invisible and intangible stairs that started in the air and ended underground.

Actually watched it. And im still confused whether he liked it or not. Strangely being the magically space god I am, I havent had a single glitch or bug in the game just like Fallout3 and New vegas before the uber patchs, so I find it strange when people comment on that.

But..he was gentle to it and said he was immersed so Im not sure whether he was just forgiving the gltiches and tolerating it or genuinely liking it.

He liked it, the review might not have been particularly positive but the simple fact that he didn't say anything that bad about it proves he liked it, Yahtzee rarely praises a game even one he really enjoyed.

Is it just me or did that bit about the old woman glitching sound familiar? I seem to remember someone saying something just like what Yatzee said in a thread about skyrim glitches.


Yes! With all the food in the game and it being fairly useless, there needs to be hardcore survival mode. When the creation kit comes out, make it so mod community.

Oh dear mr Yahtzee, sounds like you could do with higher speech, shops become godly.

Looks like I'll be rimming Sky this weekend
what a whore ;)
OT, I'm fairly surprised Yahtzee didn't speak of Lydia and her doorframe blocking ways :)

People always underestimate horses. Don't. They will fuck you up.

Hell, they'll fuck you up if you walk behind them without making your presence known. Rear-leg kicks hurt. Ask my dad.

If only there was a game that gave you the option of just drip-feeding potions into your veins. It'd make combat go much more smoothly.

Honestly can't believe our dear friend Yahtzee passed up the opportunity to troll and piss off such a large number of people.
Oh what might have been...

So, paying for a horse to help you kill things is better than paying for skill points to help you kill things? I disagree, in fact I think paying for something that dies so easily to giants is not a good idea.

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