The Guide to Skyrim Modders: Part 2

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NOW LISTEN HEEEERREE!!! I condone the right of any man to have his ficticiousonal avatar bone any sexy lizard/cat/crab lady he pleases. BUT I draw the line at this travesty of nature when a MAN is supposeddubably having relationnigans with a MALE mud crab. None o' that deviant homo stuff in my man/crab sexial relations.

Now that I'm sure at least 12 of you have not gotten that I was joking, I find it strange and even more funny that the Mudcrab is supposed to be male and still wearing the nipple tassels. Poor li'l dude. Great Comic guys.

Stupid sexy mudcrabs.

when i saw that last panel, i instantly combined it with all the others: a pretty princess guy orc with pasties, riding a giant king crab... also with pasties

if anyone needs me i'm going to be bleaching my eyes out of my skull.

I only want the king of all mudcrab mods so that I can see if I can get a dragon to do battle with it. That would be glorious.

am I that weird for wanting a mudcrab sex slave?
also I feel sorry for the mudcrab on panel 2

I knew I wasn't the only one who thought it would be awesome to replace the Fusrodah sound file with a Kamehameha.

There's a DBZ mod in Skyrim? That is badass! The only thing more awesome than killing a dragon, is killing a dragon with a Kamehameha wave.

Seconded. A link would be nice.

I went to the comments, saw a lot of comments about the mud-crab, checked the comic in the last panel. *MINDISBLOWN*

Oh dears... we're indeed getting into "Why would you do that?!" territory on this one...

Seeing this again, it reminds me a valid point--Why do the female Argonians have breasts? The hell is that? They're not mammals!

I wonder what lifts-her-tail is doing in skyrim.

I returned to this comic for various reasons, and I just want you to know that I finally get the song reference at the bottom.

I don't know if I love or hate you.

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