Unskippable: Alice: Madness Returns

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Evil Smurf:

Weird coincidence: I was just playing that game right before I came on this site and saw this. Huh.

Evil Smurf:
what a bad psychologist, couldent Alice go some where else?

She can't, she actually lives there. It's an orphanage that the doctor runs. She's about 20, but she's there anyway as the doctor's personal psychological experiment. This is how fucked up her life is:

Her entire family is dead.
She went nuts at age 9 (the beginning of the first game) and spent 10 years in an asylum.
She has no significant inheritance as the family home and any valuables within burnt to the freaking ground. All she has is a small amount of money.
The outfit you see her wearing are the only clothes she owns. Of course, in Wonderland she has a kick-ass wardrobe.
Her lawyer's a douche who's bleeding her dry.
She has "issues" to say the least.
People offer to make her a prostitute so she can pay the bills.

Yep, all based on a children's book. Yay!

to be fair C.S Lewis was high as a kite when he wrote it

C.S. Lewis wrote the Narnia Chronicles not Alice. Lewis Carroll wrote Alice Through the Looking Glass.

I played through this game and found it just unbelievably repetitive. I did expect some of that, and I have played worse games, but man it just dragged on and on.

When I saw the opening cutscene I was thinking:
"...There, Alice, better now, aren't we?"
"No, but I will be in a second once these textures finish loading."

Lewis Carol was also high

Nice and funny, I guess. I think the major issue blocking me from enjoying this as much as I could is that I hadn't played the game yet so I was actually quite interested in the cutscene.

Evil Smurf:
Lewis Carol was also high

Lewis Carol also had a large collection of nude child photographs, many of which were taken by himself.

Clearly he wouldn't have approved of this game, Alice is far too old.


Worst Shrink Ever!

There is, in fact, a reason for that.

Beyond that we wouldn't have a game if he was efficient at his job?

I want to see that psychologist's credentials, 'cause he is really lousy at his job.

This is the first Unskippable I've seen that made me resolve to buy the game. Alice is pretty and the gameplay videos are really pretty.

I have only ONE thing to say. I WAS FUCKING EATING.

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