Zero Punctuation: Serious Sam 3: BFE

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Maybe he shouldnt review every single big game. This review was pretty boring, all points were already expected and not even some witty jokes, except for the balls one maybe...

Then he'll be not only attacked with 1001 fanboys, but also his employer because reviewing big popular titles naturally draws in the biggest audience.


Dude, just chill. He's unhappy that these kind of shooters died out. Many of us are. He doesn't hate the games that invented modern shooters, just the ones that endlessly copy them and rip them off, resulting in a stagnant market. Personally, I have nothing against Halo, CoD, Gears, etc, but what I do hate are the producers that rip them off and avoid any different formula like it's radioactive. Hell, we shouldn't just be seeing 90's shooters made as well, we should be seeing all kinds of experiments, not just endless gray-brown cover-based grittiness.

Well i wasnt sure wherever id buy the game or not. BUt i think this review was quite positive which doesnt happen that often. So ill put my SERIOUS glasses on and go circle around some alien monsters until they are all dead.

p.p: Man Yahtzee never misses a chance to piss on Modern Warfare and Battlefield eh? :D

I have to say this review made me laugh quite a bit for the first time in ages // I think happy Yahtzee is a more fun Yahtzee which shows you now fun games out there that can make our Yahtzee happy // For shame games industry


I'm quite surprised he didn't even mention any amount of hate for the Kleer Skeletons, THE single most annoying enemy you will ever find on FPSs

I'm quite surprised he didn't even mention any amount of hate for the Kleer Skeletons, THE single most annoying enemy you will ever find on FPSs

Kleer hate is an absolute for any Serious Sam fan, so it doesn't need mentioning.

Loved the closing statement.

Luckily, I got Serious Sam TFE and TSE HD editions 75% off back in May 2011. They were also put 90% off on Steam's holiday sale while BFE was 50% off for being "new" and not as crowded as Skyrim or Modern Warfare 3.

I'm not sure who chooses the sales, since Duke Nukem (will) Forever (be known as a letdown) got lots of sales. If it's Croteam who made the sales, then that sure is nice. If Valve's Steam team decided the discounts, then it might be about the Metascore or something.

The publisher of any game on steam gets final say on the price point at all times.

That doesn't mean they don't take suggestions from Valve, though.

I don't Know if yatzee will ever read this but just want to set the record straight... in this video he complains again about not closing the doors on helicopters etc, this is beacuse helicopters are not very well armoured beacuse armour is very heavy, if you don't have any armour your better off removing any obsticals to a speedy exit in case of emergency, hence open doors

Thought the review was abit unfair. It's true the game is a throwback but it is the throwback people have been waiting for. It's an incredibly fast paced shooter and absolutely fun as all hell.

The grey enemies? To be honest you get introduced to the soldier monsters so you can just pick up some new weapons but by then you're alreay taking on spiders and the like.

Plus all the cliches and bad dialogue is just because it's serious sam. To criticise that aspect in a game like this is a little nitpicky.

Furthermore the corridor sections are well implemented as they make a break from the massive arena style mayhem. It is well designed and it has plenty of moments to make you smile. Oh and the soundtrack is perfect and the game is hard aswell.

I hope people do go and buy it. Croteam delivered on this one, it's what Duke Nukem Forever should have been.

Can you please review sonic generations?

BFE sounds pretty good to me overall
though I think I'll wait for a sale, and in the meantime play through the first two games
assuming I find the time heh

While Yahtzee may have found this game to be between ok to good. I know it is so much better then Jurassic Park : The Hard raid want a be..... I mean Jurassic Park : The game.

While I really do not mind it just being a remake of Serious Sam 1 with a new engine and graphics. I still like the old fashine kill spree games. So sick of all the Battlefield style of games. I so want them to go back to Doom Style. While war games here and there a nice. I think they are best published few here and there.

It is no fun sitting around letting me arm regrow while I suck on my thumb. I just want to run around shooting things with a BIG FUCK GUN. If I need help. Run as super sonic speeds to the nearest health pack.

I blame Multiplayer for killing the FPS gaming.

I blame Multiplayer for killing the FPS gaming.

I blame Multiplayer for killing the FPS gaming.

Okay, first off, who taught you English, Al-Jazeera newscasters?

And second off you do realize multiplayer was a huuuuuuuge part of first-person shooters from the start?

Oh, the days of my school library having to set a rule specifically against LAN Doom parties, and the TEN Network in Duke Nukem...

Yeah, you obviously just suck Yahtzee's dick and don't have much knowledge with the 90s first-person shooter.

Mind you I don't enjoy FPS games, but Serious Sam 2 & Goldeneye are the only 2 I liked enough to buy.

Kind of odd that SS3 would seem like a remake of SS1 when Croteam released SSHD only months before.

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