Unskippable: Rage

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Doom Guy is pretty positive -- I mean: he got through Doom and all, he must have learned how to always look at the bright side of stuff.

OK, so let me get this straight: they don't have time to brush away the rust, the stuff that's demanding more and more supplies for their precious society, but at the same time they do have the time to cave images into random pieces of the landscape?
That aside, I actually liked this cutscene. The gameplay doesn't seem spaced too far apart, the landscape is stunningly beautiful and that Danny Hagar guy seems like a real person. He's giving you a glimpse into this post-apocalyptic future, but at the same time realises that this might as well be gibberish to you. All in all, I think I might play RAGE after I finally get round to finishing Fallout.
But despite this cutscene not being very Unskippable-worthy in my eyes, it was still a pretty funny episode.

welcome to the future weve got....
dust... XD

So that's how RAGE intro looks like !

BTW : That's actually very good observation. Why post-apocalyptic settlements aren't a little more colorful ? I don't believe that women will change their behavior because of such minor nuisances like nuclear holocaust. :)

Please don't base a new civilization on Hagar, that comic is just terrible :(

Doom Guy bobblehead agrees.

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Between the seals and the Star Trek jokes I think Space Steve owes you $10.

The Gentleman:

Lovecraft still holds a fan base in the future I see.

Really? I put money down that Japan had taken over the world briefly after the impact.

(If you don't get it, just think about it for a few seconds)

You bastard.

OT: This game would have been so much better if Doom Guy bobble head could stay as a silent protagonist.

Me: What do you think, Doom Guy?
Doom Guy Bobblehead: *nods*
Me: AHAHAHA! Oh Bobble, you're hilarious!

I feel like it was a missed opportunity not to use "Hagar" to reference Sammy Hagar.

My thoughts exactly. Every morning, people should wake up in Hagar settlement and chant Van Halen songs on their way to breakfast.

the Doom guy seems like an awesome and agreeable fellow!

way too funny in this video, guys :]

The seal bit made me laugh, even though it was too easy. XD

Maybe I'm taking this all way too seriously - but I'm pretty sure that if an asteroid big enough to take a sizeable chunk out of the moon on it's way past hit the earth the heat released by the impact would actually liquify most of the surface of the planet, not only killing every living thing on the surface, but wiping out any underground settlements as well. . .

just started playing Rage today :D
kept thinking about this episode during the opening sequence
yeahhhh Doom guy agrees

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