Space Janitors: Episode One

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It definitely has potential. The pilot wasn't very funny, but that was more so a case of undeveloped humor. I expect great things from this web series :)

Hmm initial feeling 8/10, so good higher than expected quality and fun within reason.
Some minor things like somewhat jerky animation at times. Not super great costumes/environment, but I can survive these minor things.

Final feeling I would like to see more, Thank you.

Finally that stupid add is gone. Wont watch it anyway.

I'm getting a Lexx vibe, only with better props. So all in all it's a good thing!

Strewth that's some good effects and set design from a Internet based show. Looking forward to see where this goes.

Like Red Dwarf! I love the feel that we can see what happens when Hans Solo has finshied wrecking the place!

Robert Hilliker:
I'm getting a Lexx vibe, only with better props. So all in all it's a good thing!

Same here with the Lexx feel - though I also picked up the Red Dwarf aspect as well. Worth seeing where this goes.

has potential, I'll keep watching.

Went in expecting Game Dogs v2.0 Luckily, that wasn't entirely the case. Still, I need more time and episodes to see what to make of it; after all I hated the Jimquisition when it first aired, but now it's tolerable and occasionally insightful.

Really liked the pilot. I'll keep watching :D

I'll reserve my judgement until i've seen some of the following episodes. But i like what i've seen so far. (The pilot)

Interesting, very interesting. The 3D needs to be rerendered thou, the frames where jumpie


I was enjoying it until it got to the Star Wars bit, then I just felt like I was on the internet. Ooh a Star Wars parody! How original. BUT: it was pretty damn well-written and acted and filmed, all you need to do is (ironically?) tighten up the graphics a little. Otherwise, I'll be keeping a close eye on this one. Don't disappoint me. I'm a nobody on the internet.

For some reason this reminds me of Mystery Science Theater 3000, and that's really not a bad thing. Can't wait for more episodes.

This. I was hoping when it was announced it would be an actual MST3K prequel-type, and well it wasn't I guess, but it did come awful close. I very much doubt Dark Lord or whoever he is will look anything like Dr Forester, though. Maybe TV's Frank.

They better introduce a character at least NAMED Roger Wilco. This doesn't have to be a Space Quest type series, but anything to do with janitors in space has to include a character named Roger Wilco. :) Look forward to more.

Wow, I loved that, really really intriguing!

I think Dastardly summed it up for me, this show has understated humour instead of "HEY HEY DID YOU GET THAT JOKE BTW TOTALLY ACTUALLY?" that some other shows have.

Congrats to the peeps making this show, I'm really looking forward to seeing more of this, and now I have to wait 6 whole weeks for the follow up? YOU BIG TEASE YOU!

I really hope this does well, I want to see more.

The could be great, I look forward to the next ep.

Could be good. Hope it goes places.

MMmmMMmMMmM, this seems to be really good, a worthy successor to "Tales from the Table", if that is what it is. I am looking forward to seeing the actual episodes.


Like it so far. Feels like it could really have some great material.

Having said that... what is up with this production scale. The size of the credits and the logos involved make me think this is a much larger production then we are used to here on the Escapist. What is the story with this show? Who's behind it and how did it get to the Escapist?

It's funded by the Canadian government, there should be a little badge on the bottom right of the Space Janitors mini site. They won a contest :)

._. The Harper Government, being productive? MADNESS!

OT: Very funny guys!

Was that a Space Balls reference at the beginning? You sly dogs. Usually the knock-off brand anything grates on me but when it's the point I just can't stay mad at it. Good work, boys. But you missed a spot. Don't let it happen again or I'll dock you another Imperial Digit.

This looks great, been waiting for another real "series" to come along. The dialogue was a bit slow, but the humor was good, and all the little references kept me interested. Patches from Reboot, the Squall Troopers with Mjolnir helmets, and the rebels instantly reminded me of Mal and Zoe from Firefly.

I want to see more of this, it's got tons of potential.

Pretty good, however I seem to remember all the cleaning work done by droids in Star Wars. There are just human maintenance who keep all the droids running.
Of course, this isn't Star Wars.

Yay, Ontario!

So, what's this? Roger Wilco meets Star Wars? C'mon, you can do better. Take some pointers from Lexx!

Anyone else immediately think Red Dwarf? Because the whole time that was all I could think of.

First thing in my mind too. Which was worrying, because when the "now if you want to talk probe droids..." line came up I got a horrible mental image involving Scutters.

OT: Shows promise guys, looking forward to the next episode.

So this thing will finally get off the side of my page?
Good because it was pissing me off.

So that was pretty awesome!

Reminded me of Red Dwarf. Two bottom of the pile guys, one wanting to pass his astronavigation exam go places, the other fine with what they do!

For the record, I freaking love Red Dwarf! Can't wait for more!

Not bad Escapist not bad at all, but there better be a nod to the original space janitor, Roger Wilco.

So I really liked it, but I got a weird feel from the production. The video seemed fairly low budget, which is fine but between the credits, the blurb bellow the video, and some other stuff it felt like it was some larger budget production. Now maybe this pilot was a low budget trial (as they often are) and I'll get a better feel latter, but I'm unclear on the scope of this.

Also, am I the only one who finds it weird that they are going to be posting behind the scenes content before the actual episodes. If people haven't seen your series yet why do you think they will want to see how it is made, that sort of stuff is usually a way to benefit from an existing fan base, not to create a new one.

This was mildly entertaining, but I think it'll be a show carried by the star wars fandom rather then it's own merits.

I think this is gonna be my new favorite series on the Escapist...

Okay, I think I'll be honest here. I didn't care going into this video, and I didn't care coming out of it. The dialogue felt... forced. I think that's the word I wanna use. And did anyone else think the video seemed... slower(?) than expected? All in all, it didn't catch my attention.

I'm sorry Escapist, but I really don't think I can be as rabid a fan of your site as I used to be. Now I'm just here for a few videos and comics and I don't even check more than once a day. Thanks for trying, of course, but as an average person, it's not for me.

Interesting show, guys. I liked the focus on character, keep it up.

I liked how the imperial clones had master chief masks. I don't suppose they were named Resistance 2 and Section 8. Ha...ha...yeah, never mind.

Huh. Interesting.

Well, the star wars vibe is pretty strong with this one, but on the other hand this really made me think of Red Dwarf.

Oh. And Space Quest. (What with Roger Wilko being the space janitor and all. Janitor onboard deepship 86... Hell, even when he was the captain of his own ship, it was still a garbage scow... XD)

The premise is something I've been wanting to see for a while now, but I'm always a bit cautious about the delivery on these things.

So far though, I'm looking forward to more, the humor is pretty solid and I'll be coming back for more.

One last thing, why am I getting a pubclub ad, when I am pubclub?

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