The Racism Blame Game

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I'd also like to point out, Shamus, that carpet-bombing your complaints against the industry and then flying away all the time without engaging in ANY sort of discourse on the topic with this community is similarly anti-helpful.

But I guess the Swamp Hag rarely has any interest in telling the kids where they CAN go.


Completely off topic, I feel like the new captchas are some sort of mind control process. "You cannot post until you write 'I love the all-new Chevy Sonic' fifty times!"

The Random One:
Good point, Shamus. You totally nailed the general idea. "Oh I'm sure games that are not about white males don't sell, so we're not even going to try to make a game starring anyone of any other ethnicity." As if Niko, who shows up in that poster - a guy who was born in an impoverished, war-torn country - would resonate better with white male audiences just because he's white and male, even though everything else about him is so distant from the usual video game audience he might as well not even be from the same planet....

Let's make strawmen about why developers make the choices they did without any idea what the real reason is!

Also, GTA San Andreas, the game directly before GTAIV in the main series featured a lower-class black protagonist, and that was critical to the main plot. Include the side games and you have Vic Vance from VCS, and the protagonist from Chinatown Wars. Even GTA4: Gay Tony's protagonist was a Dominican-American. The GTA series has better minority representation in it's leads than most media franchises, and to use a single game from it as a representative example is pretty much the definition of a composition fallacy.

But hey, it's perfectly okay to shove people into a category because they fit a broad ethnic profile, right, Shamus?

/Afro-Caribbean black man
//Very diverse ancestry
///generally just calls himself "black"

Hawke should be in that list, actually, for the same reason Shepard is (and Revan isn't). The reason Shepard is up there is because there is a default Shepard, and that default was/is widely used in marketing such that default Shepard became the face of the game (who's on the box of ME2 and 3?) ...

John Shepard, Miranda, Thane were on ME2, and John, Ashley, and Garrus were on ME1.

Aren't there some unverifiable statistics that say 18-36 year old white males make up the majority of gamer demographic?

Them statistics don't lie! :TF:

I'm ashamed of the shoutout to my state, whitest in the nation. It does get bland here.

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