Zero Punctuation: Prototype 2

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As somebody thats lived in liverpool for all his life, I loved the "perhaps liverpool" comment.

Yahtzee Croshaw:
Prototype 2

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Prototype 2.

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Just had to pop in and say: best one in ages. I've actually had to pause and take a break to collect myself thanks to the graphic of Stalin consigning his rubber ducky to the gulag; was literally(actually, not in the way those annoying cockmuncher teen girls in America mean it, ie, "metaphorically") crying with laughter.

Okay so wait.. am I understanding it right that Prototype 2 has NO gods-damned races? I may have to buy this game just to show support for removing that unwanted "challenge" trash from a sandbox game!

Thank gods SR 3 doesn't appear to have those... at least I don't remember doing any.

Katya Topolkaraeva:
No surprise here. It's an open sandbox game so, no matter the quality Yhatzee will love it. Just as he will hate any very prescripted linear game no matter its quality (ie Uncharted 2, 3)

Except he doesn't, and has actively given positive comments to linear games such as Psychonauts, Portal, and the Sands of Time trilogy. And if memory serves me, he ripped into GTA4 pretty good, too.

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