The Big Picture: Rock of Ages

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Seth MacFarlane? No. Just, no!

Jeez, not a lot of Seth McFarlane fans on the Escapist I see. I don't think he would turn it into a Family Guy-esque show, it has too much appeal to kids. Even if you don't like his humor, the guy is talented. I mean, this new Flintstones will at least be guaranteed to have some good show-tunes every once in a while, right?

Now there's something for the trivia quizes.

Anyway... What about that little green alien who lived with the Flintstones at some point and only the two guys could see him? That was a part of the original series?

All of you MacFarlane haters can breathe a sigh of relief (at least for now) as The Flinstones reboot has been put on hold:

For those that think the Cosmos reboot is unnecessary because there are already shows like that on TV, let me remind you, there is still a perceived difference between cable and network stations. A science program on a major network is a big deal.

I saw that Billy and Mandy ep the other day... I had NO CLUE what was going on!

Simpson, Homer Simpson,
he's the greatest guy in his-tor-y,
from the, town of springfield,
he's about to hit a chestnut tree.

Yay, Bob mentioned the Flintstones meet the Thing. That's the most obscure -er, thing, I know connected to the Flintstones.

Oh God, my head hurts. I didn't know there was so much involved in the much..brain melting....

I remember the reruns of the tv specials, especially the Christmas ones.
And the time they showed up on Billy and Mandy. That was love.
And I loved the reruns of the Flinstone Kids as a little girl. One of the few things that could get me up in the morning.

It was interesting that the Flintstones only had about a dozen or so series, but the rest were mash ups from those first few.

I'm surprised that you did not mention the Great Gazoo.

So in addition to there being an existing monster family in Flintstone continuity, there were also no less than two versions of the Frankenstones that interacted with the Flintstones. Ever think Fred was really confused by that?

"Hey, haven't I met you before?"
"No no no, I know I've met you personally before."
"That was the alternate Frankenstones from Earth 2."

The Artificially Prolonged:


The Artificially Prolonged:

My sediments exactly.

Shale we keep this going or we going to be gneiss and stop now?

I think we should stop or the others are going to slate us

Quartz, it's crystal clear we should keep going... I don't think it's weathering anyone too badly.

Well, that's gneiss that they're cosidering a reboot of the flintstones, because only a fossil really remembers them back in their original series. Agate where they're coming from, because there's less work to be done rebuilding a classic show, but it has to be done right, or it's just a waste.

I bet you were expecting another rock pun at the end. Sorry, I'm just not that wacke.

I like the Flintstone Kids at the time. Bob forgot or didn't want to the last Christmas special after Roxy and Chip were born. Fred and Wilma adopted a young boy. I was disappointed nothing happen afterwards.

I never liked the Flintstones except when they moved forward ie when Bambam and Pebbles grew up. I'm of course am in a minority. I also back then and today rather have cartoons are kids than adults.

I will not watch the reboot of the Flintstones because I hate Family Guy more than most things.

What was important to me here.

Cosmos is coming back?!? Hosted by Neil Degrasse Tyson?! YES! When and where do I need to be to give money to this?

Is it weird that I think that the existence of the Cosmos remake is the most important thing to take away from this? That shit's gonna be AWESOME!

What about the Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law Cameo/episode with the Flintstones... That was awesome!

Wasn't that the latest show to feature Fred?

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