Miracle of Sound: DNA (Prometheus)

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I just keep coming back to this song, over and over. The only other two that got me so addicted were Commander Shepard and Kajiit Like To Sneak, and they weren't this good.
Ok, the fact that I just saw Prometheus (it came out in my country this Friday) has a lot to do with this. I thought this movie was awesome and I think this song is absolutely perfect for it.
I thought it was perfect before, but only now I can appreciate it in its full extent.
You, sir, are brilliant.

Also, made this. Tagged it appropriately, of course.

Funny, When I wrote those lyrics I did realize after how fitting they were to certain themes of Mass Effect 3. Nice work you did there.

Glad you're digging this one so much - it was a nice change for me to try something a bit different structure wise.

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