The Knight

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Wait... What? That made no sense. At all. So.. are they breaking through to the real work or is she still just seeing them? Her being dangled suggests the first but her punching the "Brick wall" says the second.

If you're going to pull a twist out of your ass at least make it loosely hang together.


Clearing the Eye:
I don't get it. What was the entire point of everything that happened from the bar onward?

I'm sort of in the same boat as the above guy. Was any of that real? This is as bad as an "It was all a dream!" ending.

I just... Why did she flirt with him and start a fight for his attention after only seconds earlier telling him to fuck off? Yeah, she's a complex character, that's super. But frosty people don't drop their guard and proclaim their wanting to fuck you after a few minutes of meeting you. If it was all in her mind, how did he cause her to look inward? Why did she imagine it with her having a bunch of fights and being held out a window? WHY DID ANY OF THIS HAPPEN? I just don't get it! *sob*

I feel like they just made a bunch of random scenes o.O

didnt i say that he most likely is part of her imagination?

i bet my ass that he is imaginary, too.

oh yes, i fucking did.

THAT was Link? With that massive jaw? I've never played anything Link related but isn't he supposed to be a kid of some sort?

Huh. That makes a surprising amount of sense. Sort of.

Well whatever, alls well that ends well, right?

The Last Melon:
I'm with Devoneaux on this one, the biggest problem isn't that it went on too long, wasn't funny, or had physics that aren't 100% realistic (really, guys? Did you do this with Fight Club too?), but that it was a really uncompelling story. Link's behaviour now makes more sense when you go back and read the arc again, but Erin started as an unfunny, unlikeable asshole and ended as an unfunny, unlikeable asshole that solves her problems with violence. We've learned that her inner child is smarter than she is (apparently) and that she has no reasonable idea of how to react to a situation.

This arc could have actually been really good. I was pleasantly surprised by the twist at the end, and the idea that parts of her psyche are competing with each other to take control is a good one. "The Erin Stout way is to come back swinging" makes for a great way to climax and end a scene, too, and a takes-no-crap shoulder-angel (so to speak) could prove a very interesting character. The script needed serious tightening up, though, and none of the issues were handled in a way that made me root for the main character, simply because she didn't seem to have any emotional register other than "Sarcastic quip! I'm an angry bitch!"

That's my two cents. The kind of two cents that makes people come after you with pointed sticks that are on fire, but two cents nonetheless.

Incidentally, I liked Fight Club up until it started becoming pretentious and full of pseudo-political quasi-psychologism bullshit. Which is the former half of the movie.

All in all, even though this twist does kind of "save" the arc, it still doesn't make it good. Plot holes aside, my problem is that the story and characters just aren't compelling; I mean what was the point of this whole arc? What has changed? What has evolved? What did Erin learn? It's almost appalling that Link, a figment of her imagination, got a huge load of character development, mainly thanks to this "twist", but Erin still didn't even come close to even tangling with her own problems.

All that was unresolved before is still unresolved, Erin learned absolutely nothing and she's in no better position than before and all of her relationships with real people are still where they were left. Hell, her imaginary friends talk and behave a lot more like real people than she does.


Grey Carter:
The Knight

I Want You To Hit Me As Hard As You Can

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In case you haven't noticed by my username, I approve of this joke.

And also bitch tits?

A few people called this at the beginning of the arc (I was not among them) so it's not OMGWTFBBQ surprising, but it's still a cool twist.

^_^ i was among them. pretty sure i was the first person to comment on it when he showed up in the story. :P i know i was first page. If anyone cares enough to cite it.

I THOUGHT that guy looked like Link in the first comic! Way to make me completely forget about my original guess.

I actually like where this plot went. It makes it less creepy in a "holy crap who is this weirdo" kind of way and more creepy in a "holy crap her psyche is taking over her mind!" Which is the better kind of creepy.

Good ending!

wait what?!

mind blown.

So was this like Inception? A dream within a dream? Is Erin still knocked out at the bar?

Bah, Bah, Bah, Bah, Bah, Bah, Bah, Bah, Bahm.


While I've enjoyed this arc from the beginning, this raised the level by a good bit.

Farther than stars:
Wow, that makes this arc so much better already. But, aside from the one grammatical error, what the hell was Erin thinking?! Of course bones are as hard as bricks. If they weren't we'd all be jellyfish. I guess if her subconscious knew that he wasn't real she might have been expecting less of a backlash, but the nocebo effect can be a cruel thing. Or maybe I'm over-thinking this?

I think it's because outside her delusion, she'll have been punching the hard floor.

If he's Link, whose apartment is that?

Edit: Or, you know, the literal brick wall.

Okay I admit, I did not see that coming.

I was already loving this ark and this makes me love it more.

I don't mean to quote myself... but...

The guy looks and dresses like an older, handsome modern day version of Link. I call hallucination.

So, does that mean we won't see more of Mini Erin/Toph?

>About the whole reveal shibang.

Exactly man, exactly.


So. We now know that Erin can throw herself out of a window, then grab herself by the ankles and suspend herself in midair.

Shit, I need to smash my head into a lamppost, I want to do that too.

Or as with the last panel, it all happened in her head and she is still in the bar booth.

That is a bus seat, not a bar booth.

Nice twist.

Although I do have to wonder how he dangled her out the window by her ankles if he wasn't real ...

Well it was foreshadowed by her throwing Peppy out of a car & him actually hitting a car, and I mean really doing so (at least if I remember correctly).

capcha=dish water

...*headbutts table*
Okay a LOT of ppl called this(although I'd say most of them are like me and they only thought of this after someone brought it up :) ), but this whole talking and interacting with the real world kinda puts these idea off sooo I'm kinda surprised. O_O

Little Girl Erin did say she was "going back in" so if I had to guess they were temporarily real, especially since they were interacting without Erin being there

Yeah I read this, but STILL who'd think of this out of the blue am I right? :D

Can't wait to see what's next so keep up the great work the way you wish. :)

called it! loved lil' erin's shirt looks like mega man breakin a brick mario style

So all this boring storyline ended up with was this boring conclusion? I should have known.

well consider me lost


If he's Link, how was he able to talk? Ot at least, talk without saying, "Excuuuuuse me, Princess"?

At least he didn't invite her to dinner for some octorocks.

Great a new conspiracy about Link!
I say it's in the clothes, as soon as he strats to change to his normal gear he doesn' talk!

THAT was Link? With that massive jaw? I've never played anything Link related but isn't he supposed to be a kid of some sort?

In some games yes, in some games he's in his late teens or early twenties.

I don't get what it all means, was her own subconscious trying to fix her or something? :/

Pretty much.

Her inner child coerced her imaginary Link to play along. It's a Tylder Durden thing. The Blond Guy never existed. He was just Link posing as someone else. Basically, Erin is going literally nuts because her subconscious is now taking direct control of her hallucinations.

How did a hallucination dangle someone out of a window by their feet?

I believe it's been implied for some time that they may be more than hallucinations. Remember when Erin and Mol escaped the hospital? Erin threw one of the stowaways out the car window, and one of the cars following seemed to hit an invisible bump in the road.

Then there's the time Link pulled her out of the way of a car. If she didn't see the car, how could she have jumped away?

What a tweest! :O

As for explainning the physics of being held by or drinking with one's own delusions, I always like to think of erin as being the equivalent of haruhi suziyama or w/e her name is, you know imagination turning real and all that stuff.

For those wondering, look in the last panel. There are no cuts and bruises. Looks to me like it was all in her head. She probably managed to stumble onto a bus, and she's been asleep on the bus while all this has been going on.

Not sure if Little Erin is going to become a split personality as she is "taking over", but somehow her delusions are going to have a stronger hold on her in the future.

Soooo did all those people in the bar see Erin sitting there hitting on herself and drinking imaginary beers that Link bought? That must have been hilarious.

Yeah, that's what I was wondering too. I think Erin's hallucinations are getting to be like something out of Inception.

I had a feeling this guy was going to be a video game character after all but I figured he was going to be the guy from Runaway. Since he looked just like him aside from the blonde hair.

Oh well. Cue plot twist music

Argued with my friend for days that this was Zelda (our first playthrough of it) and when the reveal finally hit he said something to the jingle of "Well, uh, fuck you."


Grey Carter:
The Knight

I Want You To Hit Me As Hard As You Can

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Now you're just messing with me, playing into my whole Erin Stout/Tyler Durden theory. Love it. So, she's either going full Fight Club, with being unable to distinguish when she's the watcher, and when she's the doer, or she can now see the rift in reality that is caused by game characters interacting with us. "We're going back in." This reminds me of Doomsday Arcade, and how real those characters became. Maybe a split between the two? That would be cool.

So Erin's schizophrenia has self-awareness, eh? xD

So we take a break from video game jokes for weeks and weeks for this?

Sorry, this is a classic webcomic botch. Over-reach and under-deliver.

Why you cheeky little.... I did not see that coming!

But what has Zelda been doing all this time?

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