The Knight

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Grey Carter:
The Knight

I Want You To Hit Me As Hard As You Can

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Okay, so answer me THIS if you would be so kind.
I got the "jaw like a brick wall" quip thanks to some facebook comment, but that still leaves the question was she dangling from the window by her ankles without anyone holding her O.o?!!

Without giving too much away: The same way she managed to get from a bar to an empty apartment while unconscious.

Called this from the begining.
Love the whole part of people trying to figure out how she was hanging out the window.
Duh! She sees and interacts with people who are not there and you think she was actually hangin out the window?
As for the folks saying she is still in the bar by the last panel, that looks more like a bus to me.

Loved this story arc. Everyone needs to be jerked around by their inner child every now and then.

But she passed out, she was hanging from a window, and these are perfectly valid points! She really is forever alone, huh?

But... But that was wierd! O_O

Well, you know the song... "Link! He come to town! He saves the day..! And princess Zeld- Uh, Erin!"

Started with Link all "Come with me if you want to live" since the traffic collision and ending with punching Link in his jaw.


For those wondering, look in the last panel. There are no cuts and bruises. Looks to me like it was all in her head. She probably managed to stumble onto a bus, and she's been asleep on the bus while all this has been going on.

Get your eyes checked, she clearly still has a black eye and a beat up nose.

Edit: I am really surprised by this outcome. But not in the way some others are, I'm not surprised that it was all another hallucination, what I'm surprised by is that they actually went with "it's another hallucination". That's pretty lazy.

Well you seem to be agreeing with me that it was all in her head, but if you specifically look at her hands, they are fine, whereas after she beat up link, her knuckles were cut and bleeding. The face is hard to tell, she may have actually gotten into a bar fight, but it also looks like she could just still be flushed from the alcohol. Only her right eye looks odd (the left eye as we look at her). She has no fat lip on the bus like when she was leaving the building.

why is it that ALL gaming webcomics develop serious arcs?

Because artists get bored and like to try their hand at new challenges?

If this was all in her head, which apartment did she go to? Did she just lead herself into a random abandoned apartment? Did she unlock the door to a real apartment and un-imagine the people in there away? Who was holding her out the window? Was she holding herself out the window? Did she actually fall and sustain more brain damage? Did any of this actually happen at all, or was she just dreaming of it? Shouldn't she be able to listen in on the conversation of Link and child-Erin? What was the point of all of this?

Did you ever see Fight Club?

This actually made me laugh out loud. Well played sir, well played.

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