Escape to the Movies: Total Recall

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*still has not seen the original*

Wasn't planning on seeing this anyway. Although, admittedly, I wasn't planning on seeing any movie this year, except maybe Batman, and that seems to have turned out disappointing.

Is Bob still insisting that Amazing Spider-man was totally awful?...

... Let it go....

But, on subject, Total Recall (1990) had one problem, which was that audiences didn't really buy the idea that super-muscled, super-heroic Arnold could be anything less than a planet-saving hero doing super-human things, so the point of the movie and story (is it reality or just a dream?) was sort of lost (especially with so many scenes occurring OUTSIDE of the hero's knowledge).

I was hoping the new version would skew more towards that ambivalence, but it sounds like it doesn't. After all, who would pay for a "hero" vacation, only for it to be an utterly miserable, unenjoyable, dour experience? So the new version sounds just as "not-a-dream" as the original, if not more-so.

I think he proved his point about this movie being forgettable, given that my takeaway from this one was "Wait, Luigi's a fox?"

Thanks for the review, Bob. Don't be afraid to be yourself.

No Mars? What's the point then?

Loving all the people talking Bob's bias. *gasp*

If you want, he spelled it out in this week's Intermission. Either he's a Precog, or gets it* a lot.

*No, I don't mean that.

Is Bob still insisting that Amazing Spider-man was totally awful?...

... Let it go....

In a couple weeks there is a sequel to The Expendables that he'll likely be "forced" to review, so that'll give him something else that he harp on about disliking at every available instance.

OT: I like Colin Farrel as an actor and it looked like it could be fun, but I can't say that I was ever really interested enough to see it in the theatres. I'll save any disappointment for when it is on video in a few months.

I hear Bobs accent leaking through a bit.
"Earth has been so devestated by chemical Warfare"

Tee Hee.

Aw I was hoping the movie would have been good.

I'm not sure what to believe anymore.

I saw the new Spider-Man movie a few days ago and I thought it was pretty damn good.

Not SM2 or Avengers good, but still, a good movie.

Total Recall though...

So much lens flair :D

Wait, Bryan Cranston is in this? He really needs to take roles with a little more grounded drama.

BTW I assume that recurring shot of Farrel looking bemused at the woman in the street is the three breasted shout out?

I simply can't hear Bob say Schwarzenegger enough times.


Days of Future Past, you say? Now, I didn't see First Class, but if they get Sentinels kicking around in the next one, that might interest me enough to go see it...

Oh, also, I didn't even know they were making a remake of this movie. Funny. I liked how much the accent kept slipping out.

I thought it looked unnecessary and forgettable. And the 31% on rotten tomatoes only solidifies that notion. I'll take a pass on this one.

Nuts... i had a naieve hope that it might have been good...

Oh well, ill probably go see it anyway if only to have something to complain about

i just love it when Bob's real accent surfaces in just a few words every now and then :p

Your accent came out really strong here. I wish you would do entire episode with your real voice. I think everyone else would agree.

I honestly dunno why he effects a 'normal' midwestern accent. I'd much rather he just spoke normally. Normal for him, I mean.


Your accent came out really strong here. I wish you would do entire episode with your real voice. I think everyone else would agree.

I honestly dunno why he effects a 'normal' midwestern accent. I'd much rather he just spoke normally. Normal for him, I mean.

Sometimes a Boston accent can be very hard to understand, especially if you're not used to it. I think he goes with his 'normal' accent because it's easier on people who aren't in the United States.

I was kind of hoping that this would be a different beast to the original.
But the words "shot for shot remake" just make me want to cry. I mean, what's the point of doing that? It's what I hate most about remakes that "Oh remember this scene from the original movie you like? Well here's our not as good/pointlessly over visceral copy"

But anyway, the new Judge Dredd movie comes out next month and the buzz around it is that it's going to be good and far closer to the comics than the Stallone mess from the 90's

Funny thing. I didn't know this was a remake of the original because I never seen the original version. Now I have a reason to watch the 1980s Total Recall. As for the remake, I'll wait ntil it shows up on television.

And let's not forget we're also getting remakes of other Verhoeven flicks like Robocop and Starship Troopers (the latter of which is being played straight for some baffling reason)

Oh dear...

On topic:
There was no way to top Arnold in an 80's sci fi, I don't know why they bothered in the first place.

Wow, Bob brought out the Boston accent this week. Sad to hear the film is a bust.

Eh, expected as much from the trailers. I really wish we could have some actually great remakes nowadays, like we got in the 80s with classics like The Fly and The Thing. :(

Also, next X movie based on Days of Future Past?!?! One of the best X stories of all time? The X-fan in my is freaking pumped! :D

I feel I need to go read "Days of Future Past" like right now. Something tells me I've missed something and now my geekiness has taken a great hit for critical damage.

And why IS Luigi a fox? Is Luigi a Kitsune to Mario's Tanooki?


No Tails...I don't think it's a reference to you.

Anyways...INRE the movie. It's a pity they couldn't improve on the original...but this just sounds like they didn't even bother to try if it was a point on point copy of the original.

Yes, thank you, we all heard the Boston accent. I doubt he wasn't aware given that he has to listen to his own reviews before posting them.

The visual look of this film is impressive, but we all know that towering nostalgia factor was going to stomp this movie flat. Total Recall is one of Arnold's best films simply because it was a balls to the walls 100% over-the-top pure Schwarzenegger action flick that made the 80's so much fun, combined with one of the more original sci-fi screenplays to have ever graced the silver screen. You just can't get that with a reboot. Didn't anyone see The Thing remake?

Shame I heard it was based off the short story more then a remake of the 90s classic. I was almost tempted to go see it, but now I think I'll wait for it to hit Netflix. I was able to enjoy the Conan movie since it was a completely unrelated plot.

They need to make a Running Man series that is like the story (One movie wouldn't suffice, best to have it be a HBO/Showtime series).

Yeah - pretty much what I expected from having seen the trailers.

Yah, they kept advertising a hover car chase scene that wasn't very interesting as the main hook of the film. Like seriously that was all John Stewart talked about when he was interviewing Jessica Biel about the film. They acted like it was bad ass and exciting when it looked really generic and forgettable. I mean that just gives away everyone knew it was a pretty boring movie.

People have already mentioned it but damn was your actual accent coming through there. Especially on the word "warfare" and "schwarzenegger".

This is exactly how I felt it would turn out based on the couple of scenes I saw before hand.

A scene by scene retelling of the original movie... but now it's pg-13.

Doomed to failure.

Now I can't tell the difference between Mario and Sonic's player 2s.

Bob, I love your work, I really do! But I can't help but feel that it has taken its toll on your ability to review movies from the perspective of an every-man. I know that its got to be because movie reviews is your job now, but it makes me sad that there are so few movies that you seem to enjoy... Maybe in this lull of blockbuster movies you could share a few older movies you DO enjoy? I prefer to hear a happy Bob over a down Bob, any day! So, come on, share some stuff that really gets you geeked!!! Please?

Your accent came out really strong here. I wish you would do entire episode with your real voice. I think everyone else would agree.

I wouldn't, his accent is annoying as hell

I expected nothing better.

They need to stop remaking the same fucking movies over and over again, it's getting rather dull.

love how his 'Bastin' accent popped up so much in this.

Anyway, didn't expect much for this when I saw the preview earlier this year - it actually made me sad they were trying to remake it. Glad to see it's not worth the money.

Hey Bob, your Brockland accent stuck out a few times in the video

After seeing both an hour long documentary regarding the set building of Total Recall and a Sons of Guns special on Total Recall guns, it seemed like they were promoting the hell of it to cover up something. Guess we know why.

P.S. I like your accent. Is there any difference in ease between using either accent?

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